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Using ECLIPSE + PyDEV and Pyjamas

This document provides instructions to setup Pyjamas with ECLIPSE and PYDEV on a windows PC. However the principles can be employed to configure ECLIPSE to support Pyjamas code-completion etc on any platform

Once you have the ECLIPSE Python development environment setup and ready it’s time to install Pyjamas. Remember Pyjamas does not provide a plugin for ECLIPSE so we have to manually add Pyjamas to our ECLIPSE’s PYTHON PATH.

Caution: Do not try to add Pyjamas to your Systems. PYTHONPATH, as this might cause undesired results. Only add it to ECLIPSE PYTHONPATH. This way you can experiment with Pyjamas command-line tools, which is important if you are just begining to explore Pyjamas. This is also a recommended way of using the PYJS compiler by the Pyjamas team.

  • First Download Pyjamas from
  • Untar and unzip the folder and save at a suitable location on your drive. For ex: c:\pyjamas, or on Unix
  • Now in you ECLIPSE IDE Menu click window->preferences
  • Navigate to pydev->Interpreter-Python
  • Press New Folder and add "c:\pyjamas-folder\library" and press ok, and ok once more
  • Restart ECLIPSE and you’re done. Now try any import statement such as
    From Pyjamas.ui."ctrl-space"
    and ECLIPSE will give you the access to all of the Pyjamas modules
  • Optionally add the "c:\pyjamas-folder\Addons" folder to use modules contributed by developers

Enjoy Python, ECLIPSE and Pyjamas!

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