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Library to enable using graphviz in Racket programs
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Racket GraphViz Integration

The goal of this library is to make composition of Racket Pict and Graphviz Diagrams possible.

The composition is made possible through:

  • You can use graphviz diagrams as normal picts
  • You can use any Pict as node shape of graphviz diagrams

For example, in the following program note that the shapes for nodes "c" and "f" and also the node with fish shape are racket shapes. Rest of the nodes use a shape provided by graphviz.

  `(["a" #:shape "diamond" #:fillcolor "lightgray" #:style "filled"]
    ["b" #:shape ,(cloud 60 30) #:label "c"]
    ["c" #:shape ,(standard-fish 100 50 #:open-mouth #t #:color "Chartreuse")
         #:label ""]
    "a -> b -> c"
    "a -> d -> c"
    (subgraph "stdout" #:style "filled" #:fillcolor "cyan"
              (["f" #:shape ,(file-icon 50 60 "bisque")]
               "f -> g"))
    "d -> g")))

As another example, take a look at dirtree.rkt which dynamically generates a directory tree.

Notice how dirtree.rkt has used make-vertex and make-edge functions:

(define root (make-vertex (path->string name) #:shape shape))
(make-edge root-node sub-node)

You can pass a list of vertex and edges to make-digraph to create a digraph, and use digraph->pict to convert it to a pict.

(define d (make-digraph (list v1 v2 (make-edge v1 v2))))
(digraph->pict d)
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