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Repository to track global organizing
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PyLadies Global Organizing

Repository to track global organizing as well as to suggest new project teams.

Monthly Meeting

The Global team meets every second Wednesday of the month. To make the meeting time more globally inclusive the meeting changes between two times. For every even months (Febuary, April, etc) the meeting is at 18:00 CT. Every odd month (January, March, etc.) the meeting is at 12:00 PM CT.

To attend, in the PyLadies Slack please @admin with your request to join and a PyLadies Slack admin can help.

Monthly Agenda

Each month an issue will be opened, using the monthly meeting issue template. We'll use this template to track discussion items, assign priorities, and add to our project board.

Project Proposals

Have an idea for a new PyLadies Project team? Please refer to the PyLadies Projects Overview for more information.

Repository Overview


Monthly meeting notes are captured in the /notes directory. All notes are additionally published in the PyLadies Slack at #feed-global-minutes.


Write ups of our global organizing process and workflow are in the /process directory.

Example: PyLadies chapter onboarding workflow, PyLadies Global Council Selection Proposals, PyLadies Slack introduction prompt.


Any scripts needed to help in managing the global team are found in /scripts directory.

Example: Script to update PyLadies MeetUp info, Script to find PyLadies Twitter handles.


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