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Ask questions to PyLadies!

If you have any questions about PyLadies and need to get in touch with us, please open an issue, or navigate through past issues and see if similar question has been asked before.

About Us

PyLadies is a global organization, and run by volunteers all over the world. By posting your question to this repo, (instead of emailing us privately) you'll not only be helping yourself, but also will be helping future community members who has similar question about PyLadies.

People who identify as a marginalized gender and are passionate about programming in Python are welcome to join PyLadies as a member. For those wishing to support PyLadies that do not identify as a marginalized gender, we welcome allies that aim to empower our mission provided they abide by our Code of Conduct.

Allyship defined

For the purposes of this community and our mission, allyship is defined as an ongoing process of developing practical empathy towards the experiences of others and helping to create a culture and space where we can empower PyLadies in the Python community and the broader tech community.

Code of Conduct

PyLadies Code of Conduct applies to this space.

Who can ask questions here?

Anyone can ask question about PyLadies. Please be mindful of our Code of Conduct.

Who can answer questions here?

Any PyLadies organizers and members are welcome to help answer questions here. Please be mindful of our Code of Conduct.

Some FAQ about PyLadies

I'm running a local workshop, can PyLadies sponsor and provide funding?

We don't have any funding available. If there is a local PyLadies chapter in your area, please work withe the organizers to host your workshop. The chapter may be eligible to receive grant from The PSF. PSF grant is managed separately apart from PyLadies.

Can you send me PyLadies stickers?

If you're one of the registered PyLadies chapter, you can print your own PyLadies stickers using the assets here. Please also read through our Trademark Policy

My company has a job posting, please share this with your members.

Please fill in this form with all the job posting information. It will be automatically posted to the #feed-jobs channel in our Slack space. Each field is optional, but the more info you can provide, the better.

Can PyLadies sponsor our conference or event?

We're unable to provide financial sponsorship to events. However PyLadies can assist in community sponsorship. Please open an issue using the sponsorship template.

My company would like to host PyLadies meetup at our office.

We are a global community. Each chapter is organized independently. Please reach out to the local chapter directly to offer your space.

I lost password to my PyLadies email account.

Please fill in this form.

I want to give a talk at local PyLadies in my area.

Please reach out to the local chapter directly.

Can I purchase PyLadies merchandise, like stickers, t-shirt?

You can purchase t-shirts from here. Please do not purchase unauthorized merchandise from other sources.

You can also attend PyCon US where we normally have a booth selling T-shirts and we giveaway stickers.

I want to start a local PyLadies chapter.

Please follow the instructions laid out in Prospective Organizers guide. Please also join us in Slack and join the #prospective-organizers channel.

I need to discuss something privately.

Please write to Note that this email is read by only 2 volunteers. For faster response, please open an issue, or chat with us on Slack.

I'm a PyLadies member. Can I request financial aid from PyLadies to attend conference?

If you're attending PyCon US, you can apply for financial aid and indicate that you're requesting grant from PyLadies. For other conferences, please get in touch with the conference organizer to ask about their financial aid program.

I want to donate to PyLadies

You can make your donation here.

Is there a PyLadies chapter where I live?

Please check out our registered PyLadies chapter locations. If there is none near you, it likely does not exist. You're also welcome to join us in Slack!


Ask questions to PyLadies!


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