PyLadies is a group of women who use and love the Python programming language. Our goal is to expand the local Python community to be 50% women.
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This is the source code for the website. It uses mynt, a static site generator.

Directory Layout

This is a general overview of the top-level directory structure, which lives in the www folder. The things that aren't labeled contain content for the website.

├── CodeOfConduct
├── _assets        # javascript and CSS stuff goes here
├── _posts         # these are the blog posts written in markdown
├── _templates     # these are the base templates that other things use.
├── about
├── archives
├── blog
├── locations
├── resources
└── sponsor

To run locally

Note: before continuing, make sure you have headers for Python and libevent installed (e.g., on Ubuntu, python-dev and libevent-dev). Packages in requirements.txt require these to compile successfully.

  1. Fork to your own github account.
  2. Clone to your machine
  3. Create a virtualenv called PyLadies and launch it (see Note below).
  4. (PyLadies) $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. (PyLadies) $ cd www (navigate to the pyladies/www directory of the cloned repository on your machine.)
  6. (PyLadies) $ mynt gen -f _site && mynt serve _site
  7. Copy the IP address provided once mynt has completed building the site. (It will say something like >> Serving at, then paste the IP address into the URL bar of a browser window and load it to view the site.
  8. To view any changes you make to the site code, type ctrl+c in the terminal to stop the local server, then run the command from Step 6 again and refresh the browser window.

Note: It is important that when you create your virtualenv, do not create it in the same folder as the code you downloaded. The reason is that mynt will search the current directory for files to build and it looks for all folders that don't start with an underscore (which means it will find your virtualenv folder and error out).

To write a blog post

See for instructions and guidelines.

To contribute to the repository

See for instructions and guidelines.

To write a resource (more "sticky" than a blog post)

Collection of outside resources

If you want to add a bullet item to an existing subject matter, find the relevant post in www/_posts (file titled by it's general category) and add to the .md file. Please also update the date in the .md file. For instance, if you want to add another suggestion to text editors, the original file is: www/_posts/, and once you're done editing, it would be renamed to www/_post/

If there is a collection of resources that do not fit into our loosely-named categories, like "tools" or "tutorials", etc, then start your own in www/_posts/ and name the Markdown file with today's date, general category, plus the word "resources", like: You will also need to have the following at the top:

layout: post.html
title: "Your title here"
tags: [list, of relevant, tags]
category: resources

Your own resource

If you want to write your own resources, like Barbara's beginner workshop notes or Juliana's Mac setup, in addition to, you will need to add more items in the header portion, like so:

layout: post.html
title: "Your title here"
tags: [list, of relevant, tags]
author: Name, or blank/none
author_link: Twitter/Blog/etc or blank/none
category: resources, pyladies

Notice that pyladies and resources are required in for category.

Once done, save it in www/_posts/ with the date and title in the name of the file, like so:

To find this resource online, you would navigate to[your_post_name]

For Organizers

Your own domain/site:

You are welcome to create your own location's webspace, e.g. or, or even etc. If you want your own URL, tell me:

  1. what you want your URL to be.
  2. make a pull request for your site.
  3. when you want it to go live.

If you just tell me your URL I can put dummy data - e.g. your location info etc, if you want to take your time to work on your own site.


  • Play with the Meetup API to show your upcoming events, number of members, etc
  • Play with the Twitter API to show your group's latest tweets
  • A chapter blog
  • anything!

I really don't mind if you want to do a whole different design that doesn't match w/ the current homepage. Maybe keep it as mynt though

  • but your choice completely.

-your friendly administrator.