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For Members

Joining PyLadies

Want to join PyLadies? Fantastic! But I hate to break it to you, you already are one ;-).

Finding your local PyLadies

We (try to) maintain a list of PyLadies locations, but it may not be complete or up-to-date as every location is reponsible for updating & maintaining their location's information.


If you believe that there is a location not shown on our locations page, please feel free to ping the organizer (if you know them), file an issue or submit a pull request with the relevant information!

Once you find your location, go ahead and join their group (if they have one), and join/follow any social media accounts they have.

Remote PyLadies

We can't be everywhere. But we're trying! For those who do not have a PyLadies group within a reasonable distance (or even if you do!) we have an online PyLadies group called Remote PyLadies! Events are held by local organizers through online streaming/coding/etc tools and posted on the Remote PyLadies site.

Want to volunteer?

Often times, our organizers - both local & remote - need help. Whether it's mentorship for events, logistic help (e.g. a door woman). Don't be shy in reaching out to them! Their contact information should be listed on our locations page. But if you're having trouble, please feel free to ping us for introductions.

Difficult Stuff

While we all strive to be awesome, sh*t happens. Please have a read of the following resources:

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