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[Automation] Free, open source and open hardware solution making easy the record of automated tests on smartphones
Python RobotFramework OpenSCAD Shell
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Open source, open hardware and free plug-and-play solution making easy the record and the capture of automated tests on smartphones.
With this solution you will be able to record the ongoing tests even if the device or its connections are busy (ADB working, USB connection booked, ...). Test record won't be intrusive and will be discreet.

For more details about the API, the Robot Framework keywords or the web service have a look inside the doc folder ( file).

To install dependencies

cd utils

To run the web service

cd software/src

To test if the program is not broken

cd software/test
robot TestSuiteSample.robot

This command will trigger Robot Framework tests cases based on the Python-written library of keywords dealing with the web service.


You should place this project within your usual web server folder and update the software/src/ file.

The OCR feature is not mature enough, you may improve it if needed. Indeed the stream and the picture may be fuzzy and text extraction may not work properly with not-enough-tall text.

The text extraction feature is based on Tesseract, thus you need to get the trained data from the repository so as to be able to extract texts. The script available in the utils folder will do the job, but you might need to modify it so as to get the suitable data for other languages. Text extraction works badly if video record is on going :-/

Feel free to submit improvements with pull requests!

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