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Here are the files, datasets and clients created so as to provide an assistant based on with natural language understanding (NLU) and speech recognition (ASR) engines.
The Snips assistants are in assistant-english and assistant-french folders.
The slots (i.e. some kinds of variables) and the training samples are in the data folder.

Be aware there is no logic about the Tapster robot here. Only the assistant is defined is this location, and you should integrate it and bind it to the logic of your client or platform (Android, web, Raspberry, etc).

The training package version is 0.14.0 and the NLU engine version is 0.15.0.

You can find the Tapster2 commands (french) on the Snips store.

You may find also the Tapster2 commands (english) on the Snips store.

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