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python folder

Here are elements defining a client written in Python which can drive the bot (i.e. send to it requests)

List of files

  • The Python-written client to use so as to drive the robot, i.e. the "main" program
  • The file having the configuration to use with for examples regular expresions, API's URL, etc.
  • Some Python glue so as to give logic to client and make the link with the file
  • The file which uses the HTTP API of the robot
  • The file providing methods to parse and check commands


python [-h] [--url ROBORSERVERURL] [--light COMMAND] [--file COMMANDSFILE] [--version]

Samples of commands to give

  • tap 100 100
  • n-tap 42 100 100
  • stress-tap 666 100 100
  • reset
  • swipe 300 300 100 100
  • n-swipe 5 300 300 100 100
  • stress-swipe 666 300 300 100 100
  • set-position 20 20 -155

How to use the client

  1. Define the configuration of your Tapster2 robot in if needed
  2. Then...

To run the Python client in interactive / verbose mode, use:

  python --url your-robot-url

or using the file


To run the Python client in light mode using only a command, use:

  python --url your-robot-url --light the-command-to-process

To run the Python client with a file of commands to process, use:

  python --url your-robot-url --file path-to-the-command-file

If you want to get the version of the Python client, use:

  python --version

The URL you may use must match the pattern protocol://ip:port, e.g.


The default value for --url parameter is a combination of variables defined in like If you want to use this client, you have to have 'requests' module installed. To do so, you can run the following command or read this topic: The installed version of requests for this project is 2.18.4

  sudo pip install requests
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