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robotframework folder

Here are elements defining Robot Framework keywords to integrate into test cases.

List of files

  • config.robot The configuration file used in the one containing keywords
  • tapster_keywords.robot The file containing the keywords to integrate in your test cases, using the configuration file
  • tapster_wrapper.robot The wrapper using Tapster and Appium keywords to bring more abstraction for tests
  • demo/tapster_demo.robot Just a file with test cases using the keywords and the configuration defined in the other files.

How to use the client

  1. Thirst you need to install on your computer these libraries so send HTTP requests (for the keywords) and use Appium (for the wrapper)
  pip install -U requests
  pip install -U robotframework-requests
  pip install robotframework-appiumlibrary 


  1. Here a the Robot Framework user guide
  2. You may need to get the robotframework-requests library
  3. The installed version of robotframework_requests library is 0.4.7
  4. You will need also the Appium library
  5. The installed version of Appium library for Robot Framework is 1.4.3
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