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"""Parse arguments from command line and configuration files."""
import fnmatch
import os
import sys
import re
import logging
from argparse import ArgumentParser
from . import __version__
from .libs.inirama import Namespace
from .lint.extensions import LINTERS
#: A default checkers
DEFAULT_LINTERS = 'pycodestyle', 'pyflakes', 'mccabe'
CURDIR = os.getcwd()
CONFIG_FILES = 'pylava.ini', 'setup.cfg', 'tox.ini', 'pytest.ini'
#: The skip pattern
SKIP_PATTERN = re.compile(r'# *noqa\b', re.I).search
# Parse a modelines
MODELINE_RE = re.compile(r'^\s*#\s+(?:pylava:)\s*((?:[\w_]*=[^:\n\s]+:?)+)', re.I | re.M)
# Setup a logger
LOGGER = logging.getLogger('pylava')
LOGGER.propagate = False
STREAM = logging.StreamHandler(sys.stdout)
class _Default(object): # pylint: disable=too-few-public-methods
def __init__(self, value=None):
self.value = value
def __str__(self):
return str(self.value)
def __repr__(self):
return "<_Default [%s]>" % self.value
def split_csp_str(val):
""" Split comma separated string into unique values, keeping their order.
:returns: list of splitted values
seen = set()
values = val if isinstance(val, (list, tuple)) else val.strip().split(',')
return [x for x in values if x and not (x in seen or seen.add(x))]
def parse_linters(linters):
""" Initialize choosen linters.
:returns: list of inited linters
result = list()
for name in split_csp_str(linters):
linter = LINTERS.get(name)
if linter:
result.append((name, linter))
logging.warning("Linter `%s` not found.", name)
return result
def get_default_config_file(rootdir=None):
"""Search for configuration file."""
if rootdir is None:
for path in CONFIG_FILES:
path = os.path.join(rootdir, path)
if os.path.isfile(path) and os.access(path, os.R_OK):
return path
DEFAULT_CONFIG_FILE = get_default_config_file(CURDIR)
PARSER = ArgumentParser(description="Code audit tool for python.")
"paths", nargs='*', default=_Default([CURDIR]),
help="Paths to files or directories for code check.")
"--verbose", "-v", action='store_true', help="Verbose mode.")
PARSER.add_argument('--version', action='version',
version='%(prog)s ' + __version__)
"--format", "-f", default=_Default('pycodestyle'),
choices=['pep8', 'pycodestyle', 'pylint', 'parsable'],
help="Choose errors format (pycodestyle, pylint, parsable).")
"--select", "-s", default=_Default(''), type=split_csp_str,
help="Select errors and warnings. (comma-separated list)")
"--sort", default=_Default(''), type=split_csp_str,
help="Sort result by error types. Ex. E,W,D")
"--linters", "-l", default=_Default(','.join(DEFAULT_LINTERS)),
type=parse_linters, help=(
"Select linters. (comma-separated). Choices are %s."
% ','.join(s for s in LINTERS.keys())
"--ignore", "-i", default=_Default(''), type=split_csp_str,
help="Ignore errors and warnings. (comma-separated)")
"--skip", default=_Default(''),
type=lambda s: [re.compile(fnmatch.translate(p)) for p in s.split(',') if p],
help="Skip files by masks (comma-separated, Ex. */")
PARSER.add_argument("--report", "-r", help="Send report to file [REPORT]")
"--hook", action="store_true", help="Install Git (Mercurial) hook.")
"--async", action="store_true", dest='async_mode',
help="Enable async mode. Useful for checking a lot of files. "
"Unsupported with pylint.")
"--options", "-o", default=DEFAULT_CONFIG_FILE, metavar='FILE',
help="Specify configuration file. "
"Looks for {}, or {} in the current directory (default: {}).".format(
", ".join(CONFIG_FILES[:-1]), CONFIG_FILES[-1],
"--force", "-F", action='store_true', default=_Default(False),
help="Force code checking (if linter doesn't allow)")
"--abspath", "-a", action='store_true', default=_Default(False),
help="Use absolute paths in output.")
ACTIONS = dict((a.dest, a) for a in PARSER._actions) # pylint: disable=protected-access
def parse_options(args=None, config=True, rootdir=CURDIR, **overrides): # noqa
""" Parse options from command line and configuration files.
:return argparse.Namespace:
args = args or []
# Parse args from command string
options = PARSER.parse_args(args)
options.file_params = dict()
options.linters_params = dict()
# Compile options from ini
if config:
cfg = get_config(str(options.options), rootdir=rootdir)
for opt, val in cfg.default.items():
if opt == 'async':
opt = 'async_mode''Find option %s (%s)', opt, val)
passed_value = getattr(options, opt, _Default())
if isinstance(passed_value, _Default):
if opt == 'paths':
val = val.split()
setattr(options, opt, _Default(val))
# Parse file related options
for name, opts in cfg.sections.items():
if name == cfg.default_section:
if name.startswith('pylava'):
name = name[7:]
if name in LINTERS:
options.linters_params[name] = dict(opts)
mask = re.compile(fnmatch.translate(name))
options.file_params[mask] = dict(opts)
# Override options
_override_options(options, **overrides)
# Postprocess options
for name in options.__dict__:
value = getattr(options, name)
if isinstance(value, _Default):
setattr(options, name, process_value(name, value.value))
if options.async_mode and 'pylint' in options.linters:
LOGGER.warning('Can\'t parse code asynchronously with pylint enabled.')
options.async_mode = False
return options
def _override_options(options, **overrides):
"""Override options."""
for opt, val in overrides.items():
passed_value = getattr(options, opt, _Default())
if opt in ('ignore', 'select') and passed_value:
value = process_value(opt, passed_value.value)
value += process_value(opt, val)
setattr(options, opt, value)
elif isinstance(passed_value, _Default):
setattr(options, opt, process_value(opt, val))
def process_value(name, value):
""" Compile option value. """
action = ACTIONS.get(name)
if not action:
return value
if callable(action.type):
return action.type(value)
if action.const:
return bool(int(value))
return value
def get_config(ini_path=None, rootdir=None):
""" Load configuration from INI.
:return Namespace:
config = Namespace()
config.default_section = 'pylava'
if not ini_path or ini_path == 'None':
path = get_default_config_file(rootdir)
if path:
return config
def setup_logger(options):
"""Do the logger setup with options."""
LOGGER.setLevel(logging.INFO if options.verbose else logging.WARN)
LOGGER.addHandler(logging.FileHandler(, mode='w'))
if options.options:'Try to read configuration from: ' + options.options)
# pylava:ignore=W0212,D210,F0001
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