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Pylons Project

The Pylons Project is composed of a disparate group of project leaders with experience going back to the very start of Python web frameworks.


  1. pyramid Public

    Pyramid - A Python web framework

    Python 3.8k 896

  2. waitress Public

    Waitress - A WSGI server for Python 3

    Python 1.3k 159

  3. webob Public

    WSGI request and response objects

    Python 426 185

  4. webtest Public

    Wraps any WSGI application and makes it easy to send test requests to that application, without starting up an HTTP server.

    Python 329 111

  5. deform Public

    A Python HTML form library.

    JavaScript 397 162

  6. hupper Public

    in-process file monitor / reloader for reloading your code automatically during development

    Python 198 24


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