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import jwt
from urllib.parse import unquote_plus
from contextlib import contextmanager
from functools import wraps
from flask import request
from pymacaron.log import pymlogger
from pymacaron.exceptions import AuthInvalidTokenError
from pymacaron.exceptions import AuthTokenExpiredError
from pymacaron.exceptions import AuthMissingHeaderError
from pymacaron.utils import timenow, to_epoch
from pymacaron.config import get_config
from flask import _app_ctx_stack as stack
except ImportError:
from flask import _request_ctx_stack as stack
log = pymlogger(__name__)
# Decorators used to add authentication to endpoints in swagger specs
def requires_auth(f):
"""A decorator for flask api methods that validates auth0 tokens, hence ensuring
that the user is authenticated. Code coped from:
def requires_auth_decorator(*args, **kwargs):
return f(*args, **kwargs)
return requires_auth_decorator
def add_auth(f):
"""A decorator that adds the authentication header to requests arguments"""
def add_auth_decorator(*args, **kwargs):
token = get_user_token()
if 'headers' not in kwargs:
kwargs['headers'] = {}
kwargs['headers']['Authorization'] = f"Bearer {token}"
return f(*args, **kwargs)
return add_auth_decorator
# Get and validate a token
def load_auth_token(token, load=True):
"""Validate an auth0 token. Returns the token's payload, or an exception
of the type:"""
conf = get_config()
assert conf.jwt_secret, "No JWT secret configured for pymacaron"
assert conf.jwt_issuer, "No JWT issuer configured for pymacaron"
assert conf.jwt_audience, "No JWT audience configured for pymacaron"
# First extract the issuer
issuer = conf.jwt_issuer
headers = jwt.get_unverified_header(token)
except jwt.exceptions.DecodeError:
raise AuthInvalidTokenError('token signature is invalid')"JWT token has headers '{headers}'")
if 'iss' in headers:
issuer = headers['iss']
# Then validate the token against this issuer
payload = jwt.decode(
# Allow for a time difference of up to 5min (300sec)
except jwt.exceptions.ExpiredSignatureError:
log.debug('JWT token has expired')
raise AuthTokenExpiredError('JWT token has expired')
except jwt.exceptions.InvalidSignatureError:
log.debug('JWT token signature is invalid')
raise AuthInvalidTokenError('JWT token signature is invalid')
except jwt.exceptions.InvalidAudienceError:
log.debug('JWT has incorrect audience')
raise AuthInvalidTokenError('JWT has incorrect audience')
except jwt.exceptions.InvalidIssuedAtError:
log.debug('JWT token was issued in the future')
raise AuthInvalidTokenError('JWT token was issued in the future')
except jwt.exceptions.InvalidTokenError:
# A catch-all for all other invalid token errors
log.debug('JWT token is invalid')
raise AuthInvalidTokenError('JWT token is invalid')
# Save payload to stack
payload['token'] = token
payload['iss'] = issuer
if load: = payload
return payload
def authenticate_http_request(token=None):
"""Validate auth0 tokens passed in the request's header, hence ensuring
that the user is authenticated. Code copied from:
Return a PntCommonException if failed to validate authentication.
Otherwise, return the token's payload (Also stored in
if token:
auth = token
auth = request.headers.get('Authorization', None)
if not auth:
auth = request.cookies.get('token', None)
if auth:
auth = unquote_plus(auth)
log.debug(f"Validating Auth header [{auth}]")
if not auth:
raise AuthMissingHeaderError('There is no Authorization header in the HTTP request')
parts = auth.split()
if parts[0].lower() != 'bearer':
raise AuthInvalidTokenError('Authorization header must start with Bearer')
elif len(parts) == 1:
raise AuthInvalidTokenError('Token not found in Authorization header')
elif len(parts) > 2:
raise AuthInvalidTokenError('Authorization header must be Bearer + \\s + token')
token = parts[1]
return load_auth_token(token)
# Generate tokens
def generate_token(user_id, expire_in=None, data={}, issuer=None, iat=None):
"""Generate a new JWT token for this user_id. Default expiration date
is 1 year from creation time"""
assert user_id, "No user_id passed to generate_token()"
assert isinstance(data, dict), "generate_token(data=) should be a dictionary"
assert get_config().jwt_secret, "No JWT secret configured in pymacaron"
if not issuer:
issuer = get_config().jwt_issuer
assert issuer, "No JWT issuer configured for pymacaron"
if expire_in is None:
expire_in = get_config().jwt_token_timeout
if iat:
epoch_now = iat
epoch_now = to_epoch(timenow())
epoch_end = epoch_now + expire_in
data['iss'] = issuer
data['sub'] = user_id
data['aud'] = get_config().jwt_audience
data['exp'] = epoch_end
data['iat'] = epoch_now
headers = {
"typ": "JWT",
"alg": "HS256",
"iss": issuer,
log.debug("Encoding token with data '{data}' and headers '{headers}'")
t = jwt.encode(
if type(t) is bytes:
t = t.decode("utf-8")
return t
def backend_token(issuer=None, user_id=None, data={}):
if not issuer:
issuer = get_config().jwt_issuer
if not user_id:
user_id = get_config().default_user_id
assert issuer, "No JWT issuer configured for pymacaron"
assert user_id, "No user_id passed to generate_token()"
cur_token = ''
if is None:
raise RuntimeError('working outside of request context')
if not hasattr(, 'current_user'): = {}
cur_token ='token', '')
tmp_token = generate_token(user_id, issuer=issuer, data=data)
log.debug("Temporarily using custom token for %s and issuer %s: %s" % (user_id, issuer, tmp_token))['token'] = tmp_token
yield tmp_token
log.debug("Restoring token %s" % cur_token)['token'] = cur_token
# Access token data during runtime
def get_userid():
"""Return the authenticated user's id, i.e. its auth0 id"""
current_user =
return current_user.get('sub', '')
except Exception:
return ''
def get_user_token_data():
"""Return the authenticated user's id, i.e. its auth0 id"""
def get_user_token():
"""Return the authenticated user's auth token"""
if not hasattr(, 'current_user'):
return ''
current_user =
return current_user.get('token', '')
def get_token_issuer():
"""Return the issuer in which this user's token was created"""
current_user =
return current_user.get('iss', get_config().jwt_issuer)
except Exception:
return get_config().jwt_issuer