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import jwt
import logging
from urllib.parse import unquote_plus
from contextlib import contextmanager
from functools import wraps
from flask import request
from pymacaron.exceptions import AuthInvalidTokenError, AuthTokenExpiredError
from pymacaron.exceptions import AuthMissingHeaderError, PyMacaronException
from pymacaron.utils import timenow, to_epoch
from pymacaron.config import get_config
from flask import _app_ctx_stack as stack
except ImportError:
from flask import _request_ctx_stack as stack
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# Decorators used to add authentication to endpoints in swagger specs
def requires_auth(f):
"""A decorator for flask api methods that validates auth0 tokens, hence ensuring
that the user is authenticated. Code coped from:
def requires_auth_decorator(*args, **kwargs):
except PyMacaronException as e:
return e.http_reply()
return f(*args, **kwargs)
return requires_auth_decorator
def add_auth(f):
"""A decorator that adds the authentication header to requests arguments"""
def add_auth_decorator(*args, **kwargs):
token = get_user_token()
if 'headers' not in kwargs:
kwargs['headers'] = {}
kwargs['headers']['Authorization'] = "Bearer %s" % token
return f(*args, **kwargs)
return add_auth_decorator
# Get and validate a token
def load_auth_token(token, load=True):
"""Validate an auth0 token. Returns the token's payload, or an exception
of the type:"""
assert get_config().jwt_secret, "No JWT secret configured for pymacaron"
assert get_config().jwt_issuer, "No JWT issuer configured for pymacaron"
assert get_config().jwt_audience, "No JWT audience configured for pymacaron""Validating token, using issuer:%s, audience:%s, secret:%s***" % (
# First extract the issuer
issuer = get_config().jwt_issuer
headers = jwt.get_unverified_header(token)
except jwt.DecodeError:
raise AuthInvalidTokenError('token signature is invalid')
log.debug("Token has headers %s" % headers)
if 'iss' in headers:
issuer = headers['iss']
# Then validate the token against this issuer"Validating token in issuer %s" % issuer)
payload = jwt.decode(
# Allow for a time difference of up to 5min (300sec)
except jwt.ExpiredSignature:
raise AuthTokenExpiredError('Auth token is expired')
except jwt.InvalidAudienceError:
raise AuthInvalidTokenError('incorrect audience')
except jwt.DecodeError:
raise AuthInvalidTokenError('token signature is invalid')
except jwt.InvalidIssuedAtError:
raise AuthInvalidTokenError('Token was issued in the future')
# Save payload to stack
payload['token'] = token
payload['iss'] = issuer
if load: = payload
return payload
def authenticate_http_request(token=None):
"""Validate auth0 tokens passed in the request's header, hence ensuring
that the user is authenticated. Code copied from:
Return a PntCommonException if failed to validate authentication.
Otherwise, return the token's payload (Also stored in
if token:
auth = token
auth = request.headers.get('Authorization', None)
if not auth:
auth = request.cookies.get('token', None)
if auth:
auth = unquote_plus(auth)
log.debug("Validating Auth header [%s]" % auth)
if not auth:
raise AuthMissingHeaderError('There is no Authorization header in the HTTP request')
parts = auth.split()
if parts[0].lower() != 'bearer':
raise AuthInvalidTokenError('Authorization header must start with Bearer')
elif len(parts) == 1:
raise AuthInvalidTokenError('Token not found in Authorization header')
elif len(parts) > 2:
raise AuthInvalidTokenError('Authorization header must be Bearer + \s + token')
token = parts[1]
return load_auth_token(token)
# Generate tokens
def generate_token(user_id, expire_in=None, data={}, issuer=None, iat=None):
"""Generate a new JWT token for this user_id. Default expiration date
is 1 year from creation time"""
assert user_id, "No user_id passed to generate_token()"
assert isinstance(data, dict), "generate_token(data=) should be a dictionary"
assert get_config().jwt_secret, "No JWT secret configured in pymacaron"
if not issuer:
issuer = get_config().jwt_issuer
assert issuer, "No JWT issuer configured for pymacaron"
if expire_in is None:
expire_in = get_config().jwt_token_timeout
if iat:
epoch_now = iat
epoch_now = to_epoch(timenow())
epoch_end = epoch_now + expire_in
data['iss'] = issuer
data['sub'] = user_id
data['aud'] = get_config().jwt_audience
data['exp'] = epoch_end
data['iat'] = epoch_now
headers = {
"typ": "JWT",
"alg": "HS256",
"iss": issuer,
log.debug("Encoding token with data %s and headers %s (secret:%s****)" % (data, headers, get_config().jwt_secret[0:8]))
t = jwt.encode(
if type(t) is bytes:
t = t.decode("utf-8")
return t
def backend_token(issuer=None, user_id=None, data={}):
if not issuer:
issuer = get_config().jwt_issuer
if not user_id:
user_id = get_config().default_user_id
assert issuer, "No JWT issuer configured for pymacaron"
assert user_id, "No user_id passed to generate_token()"
cur_token = ''
if is None:
raise RuntimeError('working outside of request context')
if not hasattr(, 'current_user'): = {}
cur_token ='token', '')
tmp_token = generate_token(user_id, issuer=issuer, data=data)
log.debug("Temporarily using custom token for %s and issuer %s: %s" % (user_id, issuer, tmp_token))['token'] = tmp_token
yield tmp_token
log.debug("Restoring token %s" % cur_token)['token'] = cur_token
# Access token data during runtime
def get_userid():
"""Return the authenticated user's id, i.e. its auth0 id"""
current_user =
return current_user.get('sub', '')
def get_user_token_data():
"""Return the authenticated user's id, i.e. its auth0 id"""
def get_user_token():
"""Return the authenticated user's auth token"""
if not hasattr(, 'current_user'):
return ''
current_user =
return current_user.get('token', '')
def get_token_issuer():
"""Return the issuer in which this user's token was created"""
current_user =
return current_user.get('iss', get_config().jwt_issuer)
except Exception:
return get_config().jwt_issuer