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from pymacaron.log import pymlogger
import json
import uuid
import os
import inspect
import sys
import traceback
from functools import wraps
from pprint import pformat
from flask import request, Response
from pymacaron_core.swagger.apipool import ApiPool
from pymacaron.config import get_config
from pymacaron.utils import timenow, is_ec2_instance
from pymacaron.exceptions import UnhandledServerError
log = pymlogger(__name__)
from flask import _app_ctx_stack as stack
except ImportError:
from flask import _request_ctx_stack as stack
def function_name(f):
return "%s.%s" % (inspect.getmodule(f).__name__, f.__name__)
# Default error reporting
def default_error_reporter(title, message):
"""By default, error messages are just logged"""
log.error("error: %s" % title)
log.error("details:\n%s" % message)
error_reporter = default_error_reporter
def set_error_reporter(callback=None):
"""Here you can override the default crash reporter (and send yourself
emails, sms, slacks...)"""
global error_reporter
if error_reporter:
error_reporter = callback
def report_error(title=None, data={}, caught=None, is_fatal=False):
"""Format a crash report and send it somewhere relevant. There are two
types of crashes: fatal crashes (backend errors) or non-fatal ones (just
reporting a glitch, but the api call did not fail)"""
# Don't report errors if NO_ERROR_REPORTING set to 1 (set by run_acceptance_tests)
if os.environ.get('DO_REPORT_ERROR', None):
# Force error reporting
elif os.environ.get('NO_ERROR_REPORTING', '') == '1':"NO_ERROR_REPORTING is set: not reporting error!")
elif 'is_ec2_instance' in data:
if not data['is_ec2_instance']:
# Not running on amazon: no reporting"DATA[is_ec2_instance] is False: not reporting error!")
elif not is_ec2_instance():"Not running on an EC2 instance: not reporting error!")
# Fill error report with tons of usefull data
if 'user' not in data:
# Add the message
data['title'] = title
data['is_fatal_error'] = is_fatal
# Add the error caught, if any:
if caught:
data['error_caught'] = "%s" % caught
# Add a trace - Formatting traceback may raise a UnicodeDecodeError...
data['stack'] = []
data['stack'] = [l for l in traceback.format_stack()]
except Exception:
data['stack'] = 'Skipped trace - contained non-ascii chars'
# inspect may raise a UnicodeDecodeError...
fname = ''
fname = inspect.stack()[1][3]
except Exception as e:
fname = 'unknown-method'
# Format the error's title
status, code = 'unknown_status', 'unknown_error_code'
app_name = get_config().name
if 'response' in data:
status = data['response'].get('status', status)
code = data['response'].get('error_code', code)
title_details = "%s %s %s" % (app_name, status, code)
title_details = "%s %s()" % (app_name, fname)
if is_fatal:
title_details = 'FATAL ERROR %s' % title_details
title_details = 'NON-FATAL ERROR %s' % title_details
if title:
title = "%s: %s" % (title_details, title)
title = title_details
global error_reporter"Reporting crash...")
error_reporter(title, json.dumps(data, sort_keys=True, indent=4))
except Exception as e:
# Don't block on replying to api caller
log.error("Failed to send email report: %s" % str(e))
def populate_error_report(data):
"""Add generic stats to the error report"""
# Did pymacaron_core set a call_id and call_path?
call_id, call_path = '', ''
if hasattr(, 'call_id'):
call_id =
if hasattr(, 'call_path'):
call_path =
# Unique ID associated to all responses associated to a given
# call to apis, across all micro-services
data['call_id'] = call_id
data['call_path'] = call_path
# Are we in aws?
data['is_ec2_instance'] = is_ec2_instance()
# If user is authenticated, get her id
user_data = {
'id': '',
'is_auth': 0,
'ip': '',
# We are in a request context
user_data['ip'] = request.remote_addr
if 'X-Forwarded-For' in request.headers:
user_data['forwarded_ip'] = request.headers.get('X-Forwarded-For', '')
if 'User-Agent' in request.headers:
user_data['user_agent'] = request.headers.get('User-Agent', '')
if hasattr(, 'current_user'):
user_data['is_auth'] = 1
user_data['id'] ='sub', '')
for k in ('name', 'email', 'is_expert', 'is_admin', 'is_support', 'is_tester', 'language'):
v =, None)
if v:
user_data[k] = v
data['user'] = user_data
# Is the current code running as a server?
if ApiPool().current_server_api:
# Server info
server = request.base_url
server = server.replace('http://', '')
server = server.replace('https://', '')
server = server.split('/')[0]
parts = server.split(':')
fqdn = parts[0]
port = parts[1] if len(parts) == 2 else ''
data['server'] = {
'fqdn': fqdn,
'port': port,
'api_name': ApiPool().current_server_name,
'api_version': ApiPool().current_server_api.get_version(),
# Endpoint data
data['endpoint'] = {
'id': "%s %s %s" % (ApiPool().current_server_name, request.method, request.path),
'url': request.url,
'base_url': request.base_url,
'path': request.path,
'method': request.method
def generate_crash_handler_decorator(error_decorator=None):
"""Return the crash_handler to pass to pymacaron_core, with optional error decoration"""
def crash_handler(f):
"""Return a decorator that reports failed api calls via the error_reporter,
for use on every server endpoint"""
def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
"""Generate a report of this api call, and if the call failed or was too slow,
forward this report via the error_reporter"""
data = {}
t0 = timenow()
exception_string = ''
# Call endpoint and log execution time
res = f(*args, **kwargs)
except Exception as e:
# An unhandled exception occured!
exception_string = str(e)
exc_type, exc_value, exc_traceback = sys.exc_info()
trace = traceback.format_exception(exc_type, exc_value, exc_traceback, 30)
data['trace'] = trace
# If it is a PyMacaronException, just call its http_reply()
if hasattr(e, 'http_reply'):
res = e.http_reply()
# Otherwise, forge a Response
e = UnhandledServerError(exception_string)
log.error("UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: %s" % '\n'.join(trace))
res = e.http_reply()
t1 = timenow()
# Is the response an Error instance?
response_type = type(res).__name__
status_code = 200
is_an_error = 0
error = ''
error_description = ''
error_user_message = ''
error_id = ''
if isinstance(res, Response):
# Got a flask.Response object
res_data = None
status_code = str(res.status_code)
if str(status_code) == '200':
# It could be any valid json response, but it could also be an Error model
# that pymacaron_core handled as a status 200 because it does not know of
# pymacaron Errors
if res.content_type == 'application/json':
s = str(
if '"error":' in s and '"error_description":' in s and '"status":' in s:
# This looks like an error, let's decode it
res_data = res.get_data()
# Assuming it is a PyMacaronException.http_reply()
res_data = res.get_data()
if res_data:
if type(res_data) is bytes:
res_data = res_data.decode("utf-8")
is_json = True
j = json.loads(res_data)
except ValueError as e:
# This was a plain html response. Fake an error
is_json = False
j = {'error': res_data, 'status': status_code}
# Make sure that the response gets the same status as the PyMacaron Error it contained
status_code = j['status']
res.status_code = int(status_code)
# Patch Response to contain a unique id
if is_json:
if 'error_id' not in j:
# If the error is forwarded by multiple micro-services, we
# want the error_id to be set only on the original error
error_id = str(uuid.uuid4())
j['error_id'] = error_id
if error_decorator:
# Apply error_decorator, if any defined
# And extract data from this error
error = j.get('error', 'NO_ERROR_IN_JSON')
error_description = j.get('error_description', res_data)
if error_description == '':
error_description = res_data
if not exception_string:
exception_string = error_description
error_user_message = j.get('user_message', '')
is_an_error = 1
request_args = []
if len(args):
if kwargs:
# Set only on the original error, not on forwarded ones, not on
# success responses
'error_id': error_id,
# Call results
'time': {
'start': t0.isoformat(),
'end': t1.isoformat(),
'microsecs': (t1.timestamp() - t0.timestamp()) * 1000000,
# Response details
'response': {
'type': response_type,
'status': str(status_code),
'is_error': is_an_error,
'error_code': error,
'error_description': error_description,
'user_message': error_user_message,
# Request details
'request': {
'params': pformat(request_args),
# inspect may raise a UnicodeDecodeError...
fname = function_name(f)
# Should we report this call?
# If it is an internal errors, report it
if data['response']['status'] and int(data['response']['status']) >= 500:
title="%s(): %s" % (fname, exception_string),
)"")" <= Done!")"")
return res
return wrapper
return crash_handler
# Generic crash-handler as a decorator
def crash_handler(f):
"""Decorate method with pymacaron's generic crash handler"""
return generate_crash_handler_decorator(None)(f)