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import logging
from pprint import pformat
from flask import jsonify
from pymacaron_core.exceptions import ValidationError, PyMacaronCoreException
from pymacaron_core.swagger.apipool import ApiPool
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class PyMacaronException(PyMacaronCoreException):
status = 500
error_id = None
user_message = None
error_caught = None
def tell_user(self, msg):
self.user_message = msg
return self
def caught(self, error):
self.error_caught = error
return self
def http_reply(self):
"""Return a Flask reply object describing this error"""
data = {
'status': self.status,
'error': self.code.upper(),
'error_description': str(self)
if self.error_caught:
data['error_caught'] = pformat(self.error_caught)
if self.error_id:
data['error_id'] = self.error_id
if self.user_message:
data['user_message'] = self.user_message
r = jsonify(data)
r.status_code = self.status
if str(self.status) != "200":
log.warn("ERROR: caught error %s %s [%s]" % (self.status, self.code, str(self)))
return r
def to_model(self):
"""Return a bravado-core Error instance"""
e = ApiPool().current_server_api.model.Error(
if self.error_id:
e.error_id = self.error_id
if self.user_message:
e.user_message = self.user_message
if self.error_caught:
e.error_caught = pformat(self.error_caught)
return e
# Interface to allow creating further Exception classes
code_to_class = {}
def add_error(name=None, code=None, status=None):
"""Create a new Exception class"""
if not name or not status or not code:
raise Exception("Can't create Exception class %s: you must set both name, status and code" % name)
myexception = type(name, (PyMacaronException, ), {"code": code, "status": status})
globals()[name] = myexception
if code in code_to_class:
raise Exception("ERROR! Exception %s is already defined." % code)
code_to_class[code] = myexception
return myexception
add_error('UnhandledServerError', 'UNHANDLED_SERVER_ERROR', 500)
add_error('InternalServerError', 'SERVER_ERROR', 500)
add_error('AuthMissingHeaderError', 'AUTHORIZATION_HEADER_MISSING', 401)
add_error('AuthTokenExpiredError', 'TOKEN_EXPIRED', 401)
add_error('AuthInvalidTokenError', 'TOKEN_INVALID', 401)
add_error('ValidationError', 'INVALID_PARAMETER', 400)
# Manipulate various error objects
def responsify(error):
"""Take an Error model and return it as a Flask response"""
assert str(type(error).__name__) == 'Error'
if error.error in code_to_class:
e = code_to_class[error.error](error.error_description)
if error.error_id:
e.error_id = error.error_id
if error.user_message:
e.user_message = error.user_message
return e.http_reply()
elif isinstance(error, PyMacaronException):
return error.http_reply()
return PyMacaronException("Caught un-mapped error: %s" % error).http_reply()
def is_error(o):
"""True if o is an instance of a swagger Error model or a flask Response of
an error model"""
if hasattr(o, 'error') and hasattr(o, 'error_description') and hasattr(o, 'status'):
return True
return False
def format_error(e):
"""Take an exception caught within pymacaron_core and turn it into a
bravado-core Error instance
if isinstance(e, PyMacaronException):
return e.to_model()
if isinstance(e, PyMacaronCoreException) and e.__class__.__name__ == 'ValidationError':
return ValidationError(str(e)).to_model()
# Turn this exception into a PyMacaron Error model
return UnhandledServerError(str(e)).to_model()
def raise_error(e):
"""Take a bravado-core Error model and raise it as an exception"""
code = e.error
if code in code_to_class:
raise code_to_class[code](e.error_description)
raise InternalServerError(e.error_description)