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Emacs interface for Evernote which originally started on Google Code. Then it was updated for working with Ruby 1.9.3 and Emacs 24.1. Which was then updated to work with OAuth. Then just a little bit of Emacs customization niceness was added.


You will need to install the Evernote OAUTH Ruby gems in order to get all of this stuff working. Run the following command:

gem install evernote_oauth

Clone this repo and run setup.rb:

git clone
cd evernote-mode/ruby
ruby setup.rb

Copy evernote-mode.el to your load path.

See the Original Readme for installation and usage details.


You'll need to get a production developer token from Evernote and in Emacs set the custom variable evernote-developer-token. If evernote-mode is loaded this can be done easily with M-x customize-group evernote.


If you get an error message regarding enclient.rb, you may need to modify the variable enh-enclient-command in evernote-mode.el (check to see where setup.rb installed it).