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"""PyMC3 Plotting.
Plots are delegated to the ArviZ library, a general purpose library for
"exploratory analysis of Bayesian models." See
for details on plots.
import functools
import sys
import warnings
import arviz as az
def map_args(func):
swaps = [
('varnames', 'var_names')
def wrapped(*args, **kwargs):
for (old, new) in swaps:
if old in kwargs and new not in kwargs:
warnings.warn('Keyword argument `{old}` renamed to `{new}`, and will be removed in pymc3 3.8'.format(old=old, new=new))
kwargs[new] = kwargs.pop(old)
return func(*args, **kwargs)
return wrapped
# pymc3 custom plots: override these names for custom behavior
autocorrplot = map_args(az.plot_autocorr)
forestplot = map_args(az.plot_forest)
kdeplot = map_args(az.plot_kde)
plot_posterior = map_args(az.plot_posterior)
energyplot = map_args(az.plot_energy)
densityplot = map_args(az.plot_density)
pairplot = map_args(az.plot_pair)
# Use compact traceplot by default
def traceplot(*args, **kwargs):
kwargs.setdefault('compact', True)
return az.plot_trace(*args, **kwargs)
except TypeError:
return az.plot_trace(*args, **kwargs)
# addition arg mapping for compare plot
def compareplot(*args, **kwargs):
if 'comp_df' in kwargs:
comp_df = kwargs['comp_df'].copy()
args = list(args)
comp_df = args[0].copy()
if 'WAIC' in comp_df.columns:
comp_df = comp_df.rename(index=str,
columns={'WAIC': 'waic',
'pWAIC': 'p_waic',
'dWAIC': 'd_waic',
'SE': 'se',
'dSE': 'dse',
'var_warn': 'warning'})
elif 'LOO' in comp_df.columns:
comp_df = comp_df.rename(index=str,
columns={'LOO': 'loo',
'pLOO': 'p_loo',
'dLOO': 'd_loo',
'SE': 'se',
'dSE': 'dse',
'shape_warn': 'warning'})
if 'comp_df' in kwargs:
kwargs['comp_df'] = comp_df
args[0] = comp_df
return az.plot_compare(*args, **kwargs)
from .posteriorplot import plot_posterior_predictive_glm
# Access to arviz plots: base plots provided by arviz
for plot in az.plots.__all__:
setattr(sys.modules[__name__], plot, map_args(getattr(az.plots, plot)))
__all__ = tuple(az.plots.__all__) + (
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