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#UQ Book Chapter

  • a discussion on PyMC covering 10 to 20 printed pages in length.
  • first 4 chapters will be theoretical
  • an introduction to your software, to what portion of UQ theory your PyMC covers, and to a description of how to use PyMC to solve UQ problems.
  • include code and tutorial-style examples
  • meant to be demonstration of the software capabilities, and not reports on new results.


  • Oct 1  2014:  authors submit manuscript
  • Jan 1  2015:  editors send reviews back to authors
  • Feb 1  2015:  authors submit revisions
  • Mar 1  2015:  online publication with print version shortly

Chapter structure

Short introduction

Markdown document

What does PyMC do?

Motivating example to demonstrate PyMC

IPython notebook

Simple UQ example: Gelman's radon study

How does PyMC work?

PyMC tutorial

Description of PyMC objects, functions and methods

Step-by-step guide to setting up and running a model, motivated by radon example

Output and graphics

Full example

IPython notebook

Stochastic volatility example?

Show potential of PyMC

Actionable list:

  • generate outline of chapter: section and subsection headings
  • gather reference material for examples