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Install pymc-learn

pymc-learn requires a working Python interpreter (2.7 or 3.5+). It is recommend installing Python and key numerical libraries using the Anaconda Distribution, which has one-click installers available on all major platforms.

Assuming a standard Python environment is installed on your machine (including pip), pymc-learn itself can be installed in one line using pip:

You can install pymc-learn from PyPi using pip as follows:

pip install pymc-learn

Or from source as follows:

pip install git+


pymc-learn is under heavy development.

It is recommended installing pymc-learn in a Conda environment because it provides Math Kernel Library (MKL) routines to accelerate math functions. If you are having trouble, try using a distribution of Python that includes these packages like Anaconda.

This also installs required dependencies including Theano. For alternative Theano installations (e.g., gpu), please see the instructions on the main Theano webpage.

Transitioning from PyMC3 to PyMC4

.@pymc_learn has been following closely the development of #PyMC4 with the aim of switching its backend from #PyMC3 to PyMC4 as the latter grows to maturity. Core devs are invited. Here's the tentative roadmap for PyMC4: cc @pymc_devs

— pymc-learn (@pymc_learn) November 5, 2018
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