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The official home for the pymssql source code.
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.pyrex/Pyrex include hack to fix not having Pyrex installed
bin Document minimum supported version of Python consistently.
docs intro.rst: Small tweaks
freetds freetds/nix_64/lib/libsybdb.a: Update to a newly built libsybdb.a from
nagios-plugin nagios: Support Python 3 syntax.
scripts add a scripts folder containing some scripts I've used (current just …
tests Add ChangeLog entry for the feature. Add comments.
.bzrignore add the possibility to use a config file for specifying servers for t…
.dockerignore Add Dockerfile
.gitignore Sphinx-based documentation.
.hgeol use mercurial EOL extension to normalize line endings across platforms
.hgignore .hgignore: Add *.o and a.out
.travis.yml .travis.yml: Add travis_retry to pip commands
ChangeLog ChangeLog: Add note about Docker stuff (GH-258)
ChangeLog_highlights.rst ChangeLog*: Update release date.
Dockerfile Add Dockerfile
LICENSE add ChangeLog and LICENSE files
README.rst Docs: Remove some duplicate and redundant content. [skip ci]
README_building_and_developing.rst docs: Document FreeTDS SSL requirement for Azure connections.
_mssql.pxd Merge branch 'master' into msghandler_support
_mssql.pyx docs: Add admonitions about connect timeouts global scope.
cpp_helpers.h Revert "Assume availability of DBSETLDBNAME() (FreeTDS >= 0.91)." add setuptools bootstrap script and add checking for setuptools in se… Tweak handling of version literals.
pymssql.pyx Fix login_timeout pymssql.connect() argument.
pymssql_version.h Now we are working towards 2.1.2.
pytest.ini Finish migrating tests infrastructure to py.test.
setup.cfg setup.cfg: Comment out stuff for tagging dev builds Remove Python 3.2 from trove classifiers.
sqlfront.pxd Initial support for connection to the Azure service.
tox.ini Add tox "docs" target


pymssql - DB-API interface to Microsoft SQL Server

A simple database interface for Python that builds on top of FreeTDS to provide a Python DB-API (PEP-249) interface to Microsoft SQL Server.

Detailed information on pymssql is available on the website:

New development is happening on GitHub at:

There is a Google Group for discussion at:!forum/pymssql

Do you use pymssql?

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