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kunxi commented Jan 8, 2014

We have a table with DATE column start_on, which is not dehydrated as type in the select query as the following:

>>> cur.execute_query('select id, start_on from surveys').fetchone()
[(1, u'2011-02-03'), ]

>>> cur.execute_query('SELECT id, CONVERT(datetime, start_on) from surveys').fetchone()
[(1, datetime.datetime(2011, 2, 3, 0, 0),), ]
msabramo commented Jan 9, 2014

Yep, so the problem here is that DATETIME has been supported by FreeTDS for a long time, but DATE and TIME are newer types in SQL Server and Microsoft never added support for them to db-lib and FreeTDS never added support for them either.

There was some discussion of adding it to FreeTDS, but I think that stalled. See this thread:

So we would need to get FreeTDS to support it and then the user would have to make sure to use a very recent FreeTDS (unless pymssql links in said version of FreeTDS).

msabramo commented Jan 9, 2014

Because of the FreeTDS limitation, and as I verified with the script below, this also did not work in pymssql 1.0.3:

(pymssql==1.0.3)marca@marca-mac2:~/dev/git-repos/pymssql/stuff$ cat
from os import getenv
import pymssql

print("pymssql.__version__ = %r" % pymssql.__version__)

server = getenv("PYMSSQL_TEST_SERVER")
user = getenv("PYMSSQL_TEST_USERNAME")
password = getenv("PYMSSQL_TEST_PASSWORD")

conn = pymssql.connect(
cursor = conn.cursor()

cursor.execute("SELECT * FROM foo")

for row in cursor:
(pymssql==1.0.3)marca@marca-mac2:~/dev/git-repos/pymssql/stuff$ python
pymssql.__version__ = '1.0.3'
(datetime.datetime(2014, 1, 9, 6, 22, 32, 657000), '2014-01-09', '06:17:00.0000000')
kunxi commented Jan 9, 2014

I verify that pymssql 1.x does not support DATE field either, but the SQLAlchemy or Elixir did the right thing for serialization.

The inconsistent behavior I saw is essentially in our code base, which dehydrate the DATE field if the return value is str which is true in pymssql 1.x, in pymssql 2.x the return value type is unicode.

@kunxi kunxi closed this Jan 9, 2014
msabramo commented Jan 9, 2014

OK, thanks for the update!

epa commented Jun 15, 2015

I believe that recent FreeTDS versions (0.95) onwards do support date, time, and datetime2 (see the NEWS file). What now needs to be done for them to be supported in pymssql?

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