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Pynac -- "Python is Not a CAS" is a modified version of Ginac that
replaces the depency of GiNaC on CLN by a dependency instead of Python.
It is a lite version of GiNaC as well, not implementing all the features
of the full GiNaC, and it is *only* meant to be used as a Python library.

 -- William Stein


General Information

GiNaC (which stands for "GiNaC is Not a CAS" (computer algebra system)) is a
C++ library for symbolic mathematical calculations.  It is designed to allow
the creation of integrated systems that embed symbolic manipulations together
with more established areas of computer science (like computation-intense
numeric applications, graphical interfaces, etc.) under one roof.

The official ftp site is:

The official web site is:

A mailing list is located at:

You need to be subscribed to be able to post to the list. To subscribe,
please follow the instructions on

See for the list policy.


See the file "INSTALL".

How to report bugs

If you have identified a bug in GiNaC you are welcome to send a detailed
bug report to <>.  Please think about your bug!  This
means that you should include

* Information about your system

   - Which operating system and version (uname -a)
   - Which C compiler and version (gcc --version)
   - For Linux, which version of the C library

  And anything else you think is relevant.

* Information about your version of GiNaC

   - Version and release number
   - Which options GiNaC was configured with

* How to reproduce the bug

   - If it is a systematical bug in the library, a short test program
     together with the output you get and the output you expect will
     help us to reproduce it quickly.

Patches are most welcome.  If possible please make them with diff -c and
include ChangeLog entries.

Join the chat at