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pynac-0.7.22 (2018-Jun-24)

  • fix matching
  • fix rational decomposition
  • fix power inconsistency
  • internal fix of another power inconsistency (Sage 25639)
  • (x^a)^b --> x^(ab) IF x real, a odd integer, ab integer
  • add ex::treesize() as complexity metric

pynac-0.7.21 (2018-Jun-06)

  • add missing file
  • matching fixes
  • provide working versions of quo_rem and rational decomposition
  • information for packagers

pynac-0.7.20 (2018-May-29)

  • implement commutative matching; fix GiNaC's matching deficiencies (Sage #25168)
  • substitute patternless if no wildcards present
  • remove some compiler warnings

pynac-0.7.19 (2018-Apr-08)

  • fix exp(c*f(x)) simplification
  • fix cases(...).subs(...)
  • function::info for min/max_symbolic; see Sage #21945
  • performance and readability improvements

pynac-0.7.18 (2018-Mar-27)

  • correct sinh/cosh/tanh return type (Sage #24299)
  • atan2 fixes
  • potential memleaks fixed
  • fixes in Giac interface
  • subs can now substitute numeric terms (Sage #23964)

pynac-0.7.17 (2018-Feb-26)

  • fix memleak in in-place PyObject numerics; see Sage 24745
  • Python interface / Py3 fixes and improvements (thx Erik Bray, Sage #24561, #24752)
  • fix internal asin/acos of complex balls
  • draw factors out of add^rational; see Sage 24768
  • exp(f(x)), exp(c*f(x)), f inv. hyperbolic simplifications
  • always extend trig/hyperbolic functions to complex domain (Sage #24428)
  • extensive code readability improvements

pynac-0.7.16 (2018-Feb-06)

  • Python interface / Py3 fixes and improvements (thx Erik Bray, Sage #24561)
  • atan2 fixes (Sage #24604)
  • beta fixes
  • fix atanh/acoth(real) and polylog (Sage #24299)
  • immediate atanh/acoth --> log simplifications (Sage #24658)
  • legendre_P (Sage #24553)
  • chebyshev_T/U (Sage #16812)
  • speedup in special polynomial creation
  • remove clang-check error
  • remove many clang-tidy warnings
  • remove unused code
  • added

pynac-0.7.15 (2018-Jan-09)

  • fix mpz conversion (Sage #24418)
  • fix,,
  • fix symbol.real/imag_part()
  • fix bug showing with nonnumeric rationals
  • fix Pyth on import from sage.rings
  • rational symbol domain (Sage #24368)
  • implement constant.is_nonzero() (Sage #18630)
  • fully implement info(even) (Sage #24351)
  • fully implement info(nonzero)
  • fully implement info(rational)

pynac-0.7.14 (2017-Dec-06)

  • fix subs regression (Sage #24262)
  • improve inexact numerics (Sage #24299, #24317)
  • (x^-a)^-b --> (x^a)^b, with a,b numeric > 0
  • fix mul of infinities (Sage #24327)
  • implement has_function() (Sage #24283)
  • use arb for inverse trig/hyperbolic funs
  • internally rename tgamma to gamma (affects print order)

pynac-0.7.13 (2017-Nov-21)

  • fix ex.coefficients() bugs (Sage #23545, #24147)
  • fix interface to Singular GCD (Sage #23845)
  • fix compiler warnings
  • asin/atan enhancements (Sage #24211)
  • set_of_all() function (Sage #24176)
  • upgrade ax_cxx_compile_stdcxx_11.m4

pynac-0.7.12 (2017-Oct-01)

  • symbol replacements should inherit flags; care for exp() (Sage #23861)
  • check series and polynomials for exponent overflow (Sage #12589)
  • fixes and improvements to Singular conversion
  • make factor() as capable as Maxima's (Sage #23835)
  • immediate exp(x)^y simplifications
  • immediate log of small powers simplifications (Sage #23224)
  • make degree functions return numeric

pynac-0.7.11 (2017-Sep-10)

  • fix coeff() problem with fraction as argument (Sage #19996)
  • fix: useries wasn't adapted to long numeric changes
  • include last-minute fix from Sage #23325
  • hold context; see Sage #10035
  • immediate simplification of trig function with argument of form I*x
  • immediate simplification of hyperbolic function with argument of form I*x
  • (x*y^(m/n)*z)^(r/s) ---> y^t*(x*z)^(r/s), if t integer
  • cases function; see Sage #20191
  • use Singular for expansion of mul above certain threshold
  • improvements with using libtool in configure
  • remove unused code

pynac-0.7.10 (2017-Aug-09)

  • fix segmentation fault with coefficients(); see Sage #23545
  • fix compile error --with-giac=yes
  • fix tgamma/lgamma return types
  • internal LONG numeric; general speedup

pynac-0.7.9 (2017-Jun-24)

  • remove static PyObjects; (Sage #23134)
  • (real^m)^(1/n) --> abs(real)^(m/n), m even, m/n integer; see Sage #14305
  • fix add::conjugate(); see Sage #23135
  • fix is_real(zeta(real))
  • negative symbolic domain from assume(sym<0); see Sage #21973
  • add missing calls to set_domain in symbol constructors; see Sage #23138
  • implement
  • exact comparison of overall_coefficients
  • fast internal in-place arithmetic operators
  • obsolete some internal usages of Python

pynac-0.7.8 (2017-Jun-03)

  • fix series bug (Sage #22733)
  • fix polylog return type for some arguments (Sage #18386)
  • fix Python3 compile (thanks François)
  • fix symbol.set_domain(); fix power.is_real() (Sage #23093)
  • add limit function to functions with bound symbols (part of Sage #20179)
  • numeric power speedup and cleanup
  • optimizations in usage of Sage Python functions
  • optimizations in Python C API usage
  • source cleanup using clang checks; removes some compile warnings

pynac-0.7.7 (2017-May-10)

  • fix regression in Singular interface (known bug in Sage #22838)
  • fix series problems (Sage #22959)
  • fix dilog/polylog numerics (Sage #18386, #19906)
  • avoid Python errors when comparing complex in richcmp
  • general handling of evalf of one-arg functions (obsoletes py_sin etc)

pynac-0.7.6 (2017-Apr-20)

  • fix test failure with debug version of Singular
  • heaviside and unit_step equivalent to Sage's versions (Sage #10070)
  • always return unsigned infinity with zeta(1.0) (Sage #19439)
  • return symbolic NaN in asin/acos (Sage #22823)
  • unconditionally use Singular for resultants (Sage #22364)
  • add ex::free_symbols() and interface it (Sage #20179)
  • Appell F1 improvements

pynac-0.7.5 (2017-Feb-12)

  • Gosper algorithm improvements
  • pynac.pc was missing giac

pynac-0.7.4 (2017-Jan-20)

  • improve domain logic (Sage #18883, #22026)
  • improve derivatives of conjugate, real, imag, abs (Sage #22209)
  • precision was lost with some useries
  • replace crationality with exactness when deciding when to evalf (fixes Sage #22142)
  • fix giac support (Sage #21885)
  • expose to_gamma() and gamma_normalize() to Sage (Sage #22174)
  • improve gamma normalization in Gosper summation
  • performance improvements

pynac-0.7.3 (2017-Jan-04)

  • Gosper algorithm (see Sage #22090 for details)
  • fixes to Singular interface
  • internal expression factorization
  • internal integer factorization (into longs) via Flint and divisors
  • internal integer factorial and binomial via GMP
  • make all info requests on NaN return false,

pynac-0.7.2 (2016-Dec-06)

  • fix dilog problems (Sage #19906)
  • fix Singular GCD interface
  • fix is_real(positive^positive) (Sage #21940)
  • better error message with evalf of some orthogonal polys
  • improve pkg-config usage

pynac-0.7.1 (2016-Nov-24)

  • add libfactory interface; unconditionally replace GiNaC GCD with Singular (Giac still optional); this fixes Sage #10284; it means that Singular is now another Pynac dependency
  • fix zeta expansion around 1 (behackl)
  • fix Giac GCD doctest fail
  • fix NaN unpickling (uncovered in Sage #20939)
  • fix Flint underlinking (fbissey)
  • add internal rising/falling factorial

pynac-0.7.0 (2016-Nov-05)

  • Pynac now depends on Flint
  • fast univariate series expansion using Flint (Sage #14878)
  • fix gamma(QQbar(1/2)) problem
  • gegenbauer(n,a,x) fixes and enhancements (Sage #21639)
  • fix hermite derivative wrt index (Sage #21618)

pynac-0.6.91 (2016-Oct-02)

  • compiles with clang
  • fix cot(float) bug; (Sage #21365)
  • NaN constant; return NaN with atan2(0,0) (Sage #21614)
  • numeric log fixes
  • prevent some overflow exceptions in cot/csc
  • two-argument log (log to base)
  • Support gegenbauer(n,a,x) with non-numeric a
  • update AUTHORS

pynac-0.6.9 (2016-Aug-30)

  • fix bug affecting Cygwin compile (Sage #21265)
  • combine some numerics in nested powers; (Sage #21360)
  • fix and clean up ex::coefficients() (Sage #20455)
  • expand() denominators too (Sage #21302)
  • make ex::combine_fractions() recursive (Sage #20858)
  • more normal() options (Sage #21335)
  • Appell F1 function skeleton
  • updates from GiNaC

pynac-0.6.8 (2016-Jul-17)

  • fix polylog evalf (Sage #18368)
  • better beta_evalf() (Sage #15196)
  • fix bug in cancelling of fractions (Sage #19775, #20843)
  • fix some positive/nonnegative bugs
  • do not ignore _print_latex_() in GinacFunctions
  • provide Pynac version of Maxima's ex.coefficients() (Sage #20455)
  • some fixes ported from GiNaC

pynac-0.6.7 (2016-Jun-08)

  • fix trig function arg reflection (Sage #20752)
  • fix compile without giac
  • fix giac detection

pynac-0.6.6 (2016-Jun-01)

  • fix Hermite/Gegenbauer evalf
  • fix Py3 compile
  • fix clang compile errors
  • install pynac-config.h instead of config.h to prevent duplicate defines
  • fix internal binomial of noninteger
  • optionally use giac for GCD

pynac-0.6.5 (Apr 20, 2016)

  • fix for: assume(x>0) sets integer flag
  • fix Maxima crashes by implementing fast Hermite and Gegenbauer polynomials in Pynac
  • some fixes to handling of elements of rings with positive characteristics
  • Python 3 build fix
  • automatic trigonometric and log simplifications
  • direct call of Sage's hypergeometric::_evalf_ to compute pFq

pynac-0.6.4 (Mar 5, 2016)

  • fix positive+integer assumption conflicts
  • from GiNaC: [bugfix] fix elusive bug in quo, rem,...
  • from GiNaC: [bugfix] fix sqrfree(poly) for zero polynomials in disguise.
  • more trigonometric simplifications
  • always expand function arguments
  • performance: GiNaC functions for coth/sech/csch/acoth/asech/acsch
  • AUTHORS updated

pynac-0.6.3 (Feb 29, 2016)

  • fix Re/Im(tanh); see Sage ticket 20098
  • sin/cos/tan of numeric: reduce mod 2*pi
  • exp of numeric: reduce mod 2*pi*I
  • performance: speed up sin/cos/tan/cot/coth evaluation

pynac-0.6.2 (Feb 22, 2016)

  • fix bugs in zeta series and powers of series
  • performance: GiNaC functions for sec/csc/asec/acsc

pynac-0.6.1 (Jan 23, 2016)

  • Stieltjes constant function
  • zeta expansion at 1 using stieltjes() (thanks Benjamin Hackl)
  • fix hashing of infinities
  • fix exp and atan of oo
  • fix pseries print order
  • speedups and fixes from GiNaC

pynac-0.6.0 (Jan 2, 2016)

  • backward-incompatible interface change

pynac-0.5.4 (Jan 1, 2016)

  • fix expansion of abs(power)
  • fix a wrong function option with zeta/zeta2
  • fix wrong formula for tan(...).imag()
  • fix mpq_pythonhash
  • change hash type to int64_t
  • expand exp(m/n*pi*I) with trig functions if they can be expanded
  • start changing libtool version with each release
  • performance: in exp_eval check for Pi and I before trying to divide
  • performance: much less canonicalizations of GMP rationals
  • performance: cache pseries coeff accesses in pseries::mul_series
  • performance: GinacFunctions for cot/acot
  • C++11: add override where possible

pynac-0.5.3 (Dec 18, 2015)

  • fix gmp linking and .pc file

pynac-0.5.2 (Nov 27, 2015)/pynac-0.5.1 (Nov 25, 2015)

  • bugfix release

pynac-0.5.0 (Oct 16, 2015)

  • libgmp bigints and bigrats instead of ZZ and QQ Python objects
  • assumptions/domains can influence Pynac computation (changes versus following)
  • C++11 results in better code readability
  • better decisions through more info flags and logic
  • return not implemented and undecidable for some decisions
  • add inexact flag for possible expansions / FP simplifications
  • abs() expansion
  • function::info()
  • from GiNaC: Fix pow(+(...),2).expand()
  • remove some unused files and other cleanup; add missing autoconf macro;
  • some older memleaks closed

pynac- (Sep 13, 2015)

  • revert math. logic changes for now (they are still in master)
  • fix regression with rational multiples of pi
  • fix dbgprinttree() of functions
  • performance fixes

pynac-0.4.3 (Jul 31, 2015)

  • better decisions through more info flags and logic
  • return not implemented and undecidable for some decisions
  • fix performance issue with real/imag of powers
  • more rational multiples of pi as argument to sin,cos,tan expanded
  • remove realsymbol and possymbol

pynac- (Jul 31, 2015)

  • fix regression in arithmetic with positive characteristic ring elements
  • better decisions through more info flags and logic
  • return not implemented and undecidable for some decisions
  • fix performance issue with real/imag of powers
  • more rational multiples of pi as argument to sin,cos,tan expanded

pynac-0.4.2 (Jul 11, 2015)

  • better arithmetic with positive characteristic ring elements
  • fix is_zero bug, affecting comparisons
  • better nonnumeric comparisons with infinity
  • add integer domain, propagate to symbol info
  • add inexact flag for possible expansions / FP simplifications

pynac- (Jul 11, 2015)

  • better arithmetic with positive characteristic ring elements
  • fix is_zero bug, affecting comparisons
  • better nonnumeric comparisons with infinity
  • add integer domain, propagate to symbol info

pynac-0.4.1 (Jun 10, 2015)

  • abs() expansion
  • function::info()
  • from GiNaC: Fix pow(+(...),2).expand()
  • remove some unused files and other cleanup; add missing autoconf macro;
  • C++11:
  • more auto instead of iterator declarations
  • get usage of smart pointers right
  • more range-based loop modernization

pynac-0.4.0 (May 28, 2015)

  • requires >=gcc-4.6 or equivalent with -std=c++11
  • C++11:
  • manual switch from auto_ptr to unique_ptr
  • applied clang-modernize to use auto, nullptr, range-based loops, pass-by-value via move

pynac-0.3.9 (May 28, 2015)

  • fix Python includes

pynac-0.3.8 (May 18, 2015)

  • several abs() additions and fixes
  • pynac now compiles with Python3 headers too
  • from GiNaC: power::expand() (x*p)^c -> x^c * p^c, if p>0
  • merge numeric and Number_T classes

pynac-0.3.7 (May 04, 2015)

  • unhandled print order comparisons now call generic code instead of throwing exceptions
  • fix bug in adds with simplified numerics
  • check if infinity direction is numeric before comparing to zero

pynac-0.3.6 (April 30, 2015)

  • treat muls and powers only with integer +/- one as special
  • 0^0 is no longer an error
  • latest version of AX_PYTHON_DEVEL macro

pynac-0.3.5 (April 17, 2015)

  • revert GiNaC commit interfering with Pynac print order
  • fix code that produced warnings

pynac-0.3.3 (April 11, 2015)

  • fixed the series expansion of zeta(s) around 1
  • print_latex of wildcards
  • clear the libtool versioning scheme
  • sync with current GiNaC as much as possible

pynac-0.3.2 (March 20, 2014)

  • memory leaks fixed
  • framework for explicit template instantiation
  • implement function::subs() callback into Python
  • merging branch evalf_dict

pynac-0.3.1 (September 29, 2013)

  • Implement Pynac->Python callback for function::subs() Sage issue #14800
  • Change argument of evalf to an arbitrary dict Sage issue #12289
  • Use \cdot to separate coefficient from following digit in latex mul output Sage issue #13356

pynac-0.3.0 (May 10, 2013)

  • Fix ordering used to print symbolic expressions Sage issue #9880

pynac-0.2.6 (November 20, 2012)

  • Fix infinite loop in content normalization of add objects within mul::eval (Pynac issue #12) (Sage issue #13609)
  • Fix fallout from infinities rewrite where expairseq eagerly simplified infinity objects in its contructor. (Pynac issue #14) (Sage issue #13587)
  • Fix printing of parenthesis around exponents of power objects. (Reported and fixed by Sebastien Gouezel.)

pynac-0.2.5 (July 9, 2012)

  • Build system improvements by Julien Puydt.
  • Less verbose output during build.
  • Fix detection of Python.
  • Do not include release version in library name.
  • Fix infinite loop in power::eval.

pynac-0.2.4 (May 15, 2012)

  • Evaluate psi1 numerically if argument is not crational.
  • Infinities rewrite by Volker Braun.
  • beta() remains symbolic if both arguments are crational.
  • Fix unarchiving of symbolic functions defined at runtime without any custom methods.
  • Use PyObject_Cmp to compare numerics wrapping Python objects.
  • Make atan2(0,0) throw error. (Sage Trac #11423)
  • correctly handle complex numbers in numeric::info(nonnegative).
  • Add method to ex for counting number of symbols in an expression.

pynac-0.2.3 (May 31, 2011)

  • Remove extra braces printed when typesetting mul objects.
  • Fix mul::conjugate().
  • Fix tests for custom evaluation functions defined in Python to use bitwise and.

pynac-0.2.2 (May 9, 2011)

  • Merge patches from upstream with the following:
  • Sage issue #9981 where (5-e^x).substitute(x=log(x)) gave 5-log(x)
  • Sage issue #9947 where add.eval() did not canonicalize expression properly
  • Sage issue #8943, series expansion can handle some trivial singularities now
  • conjugate functions for sinh, cosh and tanh
  • bunch of fixes for msvc compiler

pynac-0.2.1 (September 12, 2010)

  • Print rational functions and mul objects better.
  • Include patches from GiNaC to fix memory leaks in power::eval and improve conjugation of special functions.
  • Allow disabling automatic evaluation in add and mul constructors.
  • zeta(1) now returns UnsignedInfinity.
  • Fix csgn function to conform to the original GiNaC specification.
  • Do not generate function.{h,cpp} automatically.
  • Fix latex typesetting of rational functions. #9314

pynac-0.2.0 (May 5, 2010)

  • Add support for GCC 4.5.0.
  • Move Sage interface functions to a function table, to add Cygwin support.
  • Add autoconf macros to detect Python.
  • Import GiNaC patch to make binomial(n,0) -> 1.
  • Remove extra parenthesis when typesetting rational fractions.

pynac-0.1.12 (April 12, 2010)

  • Apply upstream patches to fix “division by zero” error on atan2(-pi,0).
  • Apply upstream patches to fix incorrect use of STL iterators.

pynac-0.1.11 (January 19, 2010)

  • Fix unarchiving overloaded functions.
  • Move numeric evaluation of log higher in eval.
  • Fix serious bug in printing where coefficients were printed with -, but not negated.
  • Change typesetting of rational functions to separate the numerator and denominator of the coefficient as well.
  • Speed up real_part() by removing calls to is_real().
  • Allow overriding builtin function custom methods from python.
  • Allow setting domain and latex_name of symbols.
  • Improve deduction capabilities of info() for arithmetic classes.

pynac-0.1.10 (November 22, 2009)

  • Minor changes to auto* files to make them work with libtool-2.
  • Fix hash collisions for fderivatives yet again.
  • Fix segfault when mul tries to simplify powers of exp.
  • Latex typesetting of nested powers print valid latex code.
  • Latex typesetting of add and mul uses \left( and \right).

pynac-0.1.10.a0 (November 19, 2009)

  • Pass parent instead of precision to custom evalf methods.
  • Pass function instance to custom methods of functions.
  • Change typesetting to match Sage conventions.
  • Handle exceptions while autoevaluating exp.

pynac-0.1.9 (September 22, 2009)

  • Only simplify exp(a)^b -> exp(a*b) when b is an integer.
  • Fix latex printing of log to \log (was \ln).
  • Fix hash collision for fderivatives.
  • Fix comparison of fderivatives and functions.
  • Allow numeric approximation of functions on inexact input again.
  • Change printing of lgamma to log_gamma and \log \Gamma.

pynac-0.1.9.p0 (September 24, 2009)

  • Put parenthesis around exp when printing powers.

pynac-0.1.8.p2 (August 1, 2009)

  • Fix latex typesetting of conjugate(), real_part() and imag_part().
  • When calculating hash of fderivative use paramset to avoid collisions.
  • Add support for infinity to functions defined in inifcns_trans.cpp.
  • Add parameter to disable application of chain rule while differentiating symbolic functions.

pynac-0.1.8.p0 (June 14, 2009)

  • Fix serious bug in comparison of mul and pow objects.
  • Conjugates of symbolic functions no longer just apply conjugate to the arguments.
  • Latex printing of exp now works correctly.
  • Better error handling for calls to python printing functions.
  • polylog prints as Li to match Sage.

pynac-0.1.8 (June 4, 2009)

  • Add error handling for py_get_constant.
  • Simplify exp(a)*exp(b) -> exp(a+b)
  • Revert previous changes to symbol::calchash

pynac-0.1.7 (May 18, 2009)

  • Many fixes needed to make Pynac work as the default system for symbolic manipulation in Sage.

pynac-0.1.6 (May 6th, 2009)

  • Fix error handling in Number_T::hash().
  • Add support for archiving numeric and function objects.
  • Fix comparison bug in mul.
  • Fix gcc warnings about conversion of strings to char*.
  • Change exp to not prints exponents of 1.
  • Add power method to exp so that (e^x)^y -> e^(x*y).

pynac-0.1.5 (April 13th, 2009)

  • Change printing of pi (Pi -> pi)
  • Delay evaluation of special functions until .evalf() is called
  • Add precision parameter to .evalf()

pynac-0.1.4 (April 11th, 2009)

  • Add support for arithmetic with infinity.
  • Use python repr function for printing numeric objects.
  • Print paranthesis in latex mode with \left and \right.
  • Call python for latex names of symbols.
  • Support calling user specified python functions to print function instances.
  • Call python for printing function and fderivative.

pynac-0.1.3 (February 26th, 2009)

  • Fix serious bug in expairseq::compare_same_type which resulted in wrong simplifications.
  • Remove dependencies on lex, yacc, and dlopen.

pynac-0.1.2 (January 30th, 2009)

  • factorial now prints as factorial(n), not n!.
  • Change comparison functions to make higher degree terms print first.
  • functions (and fderivatives) now print after other types.
  • Add latex printing for binomials.
  • exp is now printed as e^x.
  • Change the way rational functions are printed to match Sage.

pynac-0.1.1.p0 (January 20th, 2009)

  • add OSX 64 bit build support

pynac-0.1.1 (October 15th, 2008)

  • Allow python functions to provide custom evaluation, derivative, series expansion, etc. functionality of symbolic functions
  • Change names of more files to prevent clashing with a ginac installation.
  • Fix several bugs when working with modular coefficients.

pynac-0.1.p0 (September 20th, 2008)

  • Change library name, include file location to reflect the package name and not conflict with ginac
  • Change library version numbers to reflect package version
  • Fix build problems where autoheader was run

pynac-0.1 (August 8th, 2008)

  • Summary of changes from GiNaC:
  • GiNaC::numeric was replaced completely to rely on Python and Sage types instead of CLN.
  • Use Pari via Sage to compute numerical values for special functions.
  • Printing order is consistent between different runs.
  • Inverse trig functions print with “arc” instead of “a”
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