The Agile Numerical Galaxy Organisation System
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Tangos - The agile numerical galaxy organisation system

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Tangos lets you build a database (along the lines of Eagle or MultiDark) for your own cosmological and zoom simulations.

It's a python 2.7/3.5+ modular system for generating and querying databases and:

  • is designed to store and manage results from your own analysis code;
  • provides web and python interfaces;
  • allows users to construct science-focussed queries, including across entire merger trees, without requiring knowledge of SQL;

When building databases, tangos:

  • manages the process of populating the database with science data, including auto-parallelising your analysis;
  • can be customised to work with multiple python modules such as pynbody or yt to process raw simulation data;
  • can use your favourite database as the underlying store (by default, sqlite), thanks to sqlalchemy.

Getting started

For information on getting started refer to the tutorials on our github pages. These tutorials are also available in markdown format within the tangos repository.

Acknowledging the code

When using tangos, please acknowledge it by citing the release paper: Pontzen & Tremmel, 2018, ApJS 237, 2. DOI 10.3847/1538-4365/aac832; arXiv:1803.00010. Optionally you can also cite the Zenodo DOI for the specific version of tangos that you are using, which may be found here.