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# Cython imports
from libcpp.utility cimport pair
from cimport map as cpp_map
from libcpp.set cimport set as cpp_set
from libcpp.vector cimport vector as cpp_vector
from cython.operator cimport dereference as deref
from cython.operator cimport preincrement as inc
# Python Imports
#cimport collections
import collections
cimport numpy as np
import numpy as np
# Local imports
cimport std
cimport extra_types
# Map conversions
# <int, int> conversions
cdef cpp_map[int, int] dict_to_map_int_int(dict)
cdef dict map_to_dict_int_int(cpp_map[int, int])
# <int, double> conversions
cdef cpp_map[int, double] dict_to_map_int_dbl(dict)
cdef dict map_to_dict_int_dbl(cpp_map[int, double])
# <string, int> conversions
cdef cpp_map[std.string, int] dict_to_map_str_int(dict)
cdef dict map_to_dict_str_int(cpp_map[std.string, int])
# <int, string> conversions
cdef cpp_map[int, std.string] dict_to_map_int_str(dict)
cdef dict map_to_dict_int_str(cpp_map[int, std.string])
# <string, double> conversions
cdef cpp_map[std.string, double] dict_to_map_str_dbl(dict)
cdef dict map_to_dict_str_dbl(cpp_map[std.string, double])
# Set conversions
# Integer sets
cdef cpp_set[int] py_to_cpp_set_int(set)
cdef set cpp_to_py_set_int(cpp_set[int])
# String sets
cdef cpp_set[std.string] py_to_cpp_set_str(set)
cdef set cpp_to_py_set_str(cpp_set[std.string])
# Vector conversions
# 1D Float arrays
cdef cpp_vector[double] array_to_vector_1d_dbl(np.ndarray[np.float64_t, ndim=1])
cdef np.ndarray[np.float64_t, ndim=1] vector_to_array_1d_dbl(cpp_vector[double])
# 1D Integer arrays
cdef cpp_vector[int] array_to_vector_1d_int(np.ndarray[np.int32_t, ndim=1])
cdef np.ndarray[np.int32_t, ndim=1] vector_to_array_1d_int(cpp_vector[int])
# 2D Float arrays
cdef cpp_vector[cpp_vector[double]] array_to_vector_2d_dbl(np.ndarray[np.float64_t, ndim=2])
cdef np.ndarray[np.float64_t, ndim=2] vector_to_array_2d_dbl(cpp_vector[cpp_vector[double]])
# 3D Float arrays
cdef cpp_vector[cpp_vector[cpp_vector[double]]] array_to_vector_3d_dbl(np.ndarray[np.float64_t, ndim=3])
cdef np.ndarray[np.float64_t, ndim=3] vector_to_array_3d_dbl(cpp_vector[cpp_vector[cpp_vector[double]]])
# Map-Vector Conversions
# {int: np.array()}
cdef cpp_map[int, cpp_vector[double]] dict_to_map_int_array_to_vector_1d_dbl(dict)
cdef dict map_to_dict_int_vector_to_array_1d_dbl(cpp_map[int, cpp_vector[double]])
cdef cpp_map[int, cpp_vector[cpp_vector[double]]] dict_to_map_int_array_to_vector_2d_dbl(dict)
cdef dict map_to_dict_int_vector_to_array_2d_dbl(cpp_map[int, cpp_vector[cpp_vector[double]]])
cdef cpp_map[int, cpp_vector[cpp_vector[cpp_vector[double]]]] dict_to_map_int_array_to_vector_3d_dbl(dict)
cdef dict map_to_dict_int_vector_to_array_3d_dbl(cpp_map[int, cpp_vector[cpp_vector[cpp_vector[double]]]])
# {string: np.array()}
cdef cpp_map[std.string, cpp_vector[double]] dict_to_map_str_array_to_vector_1d_dbl(dict)
cdef dict map_to_dict_str_vector_to_array_1d_dbl(cpp_map[std.string, cpp_vector[double]])
# Map-Map-Vector Conversions
# {int: {int: np.array()}}
cdef cpp_map[int, cpp_map[int, cpp_vector[double]]] dict_to_map_int_int_array_to_vector_1d_dbl(dict)
cdef dict map_to_dict_int_int_vector_to_array_1d_dbl(cpp_map[int, cpp_map[int, cpp_vector[double]]])
# Proxy Classes
# These classes have to be declared individually
# because Cython does not yet support templating
# metaprogramming.
# --- Sets
# Int
cdef class SetIterInt(object):
cdef cpp_set[int].iterator * iter_now
cdef cpp_set[int].iterator * iter_end
cdef void init(SetIterInt, cpp_set[int] *)
cdef class _SetInt:
cdef cpp_set[int] * set_ptr
cdef public bint _free_set
# Str
cdef class SetIterStr(object):
cdef cpp_set[std.string].iterator * iter_now
cdef cpp_set[std.string].iterator * iter_end
cdef void init(SetIterStr, cpp_set[std.string] *)
cdef class _SetStr:
cdef cpp_set[std.string] * set_ptr
cdef public bint _free_set
# --- Maps
# (Str, Int)
cdef class MapIterStrInt(object):
cdef cpp_map[std.string, int].iterator * iter_now
cdef cpp_map[std.string, int].iterator * iter_end
cdef void init(MapIterStrInt, cpp_map[std.string, int] *)
cdef class _MapStrInt:
cdef cpp_map[std.string, int] * map_ptr
cdef public bint _free_map
# (Int, Str)
cdef class MapIterIntStr(object):
cdef cpp_map[int, std.string].iterator * iter_now
cdef cpp_map[int, std.string].iterator * iter_end
cdef void init(MapIterIntStr, cpp_map[int, std.string] *)
cdef class _MapIntStr:
cdef cpp_map[int, std.string] * map_ptr
cdef public bint _free_map
# (Str, Double)
cdef class MapIterStrDouble(object):
cdef cpp_map[std.string, double].iterator * iter_now
cdef cpp_map[std.string, double].iterator * iter_end
cdef void init(MapIterStrDouble, cpp_map[std.string, double] *)
cdef class _MapStrDouble:
cdef cpp_map[std.string, double] * map_ptr
cdef public bint _free_map
# (Int, Int)
cdef class MapIterIntInt(object):
cdef cpp_map[int, int].iterator * iter_now
cdef cpp_map[int, int].iterator * iter_end
cdef void init(MapIterIntInt, cpp_map[int, int] *)
cdef class _MapIntInt:
cdef cpp_map[int, int] * map_ptr
cdef public bint _free_map
# (Int, Double)
cdef class MapIterIntDouble(object):
cdef cpp_map[int, double].iterator * iter_now
cdef cpp_map[int, double].iterator * iter_end
cdef void init(MapIterIntDouble, cpp_map[int, double] *)
cdef class _MapIntDouble:
cdef cpp_map[int, double] * map_ptr
cdef public bint _free_map
# (Int, Complex)
cdef class MapIterIntComplex(object):
cdef cpp_map[int, extra_types.complex_t].iterator * iter_now
cdef cpp_map[int, extra_types.complex_t].iterator * iter_end
cdef void init(MapIterIntComplex, cpp_map[int, extra_types.complex_t] *)
cdef class _MapIntComplex:
cdef cpp_map[int, extra_types.complex_t] * map_ptr
cdef public bint _free_map
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