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"""This example irradiates 1 kg of water for 100 days in ORIGEN 2.2, increasing the
capture cross section of Hydrogen-1 by 10% each time. The Hydrogen-2 concentration
is then gathered and displayed.
from subprocess import check_call
from pyne import origen22
from pyne.api import Material
# 1 kg of water
water = Material()
water.from_atom_frac({'H1': 2.0, 'O16': 1.0})
water.mass = 1E3
# Make a tape4 file for water
# Make a tape 5 for this calculation
# * Just output the concentration tables
# * The cross-section library numbers must
# the library / deck numbers in tape9
origen22.write_tape5_irradiation("IRF", 1000.0, 4E14,
xsfpy_nlb=(381, 382, 383),
# Grab a base tape9 from which we will overlay new values
# This must be supplied by the user
base_tape9 = origen22.parse_tape9("BASE_TAPE9.INP")
base_h1_xs = base_tape9[381]['sigma_gamma'][10010]
# Init a dumb overlay tape9
overlay_tape9 = {381: {'_type': 'xsfpy',
'_subtype': 'activation_products',
'sigma_gamma': {10010: base_h1_xs},
# Run origen, increasing the cross section each time.
h2_concentration = []
for i in range(11):
overlay_tape9[381]['sigma_gamma'][10010] = (1.0 + i*0.1) * base_h1_xs
# Merge the base and overlay, and write out
new_tape9 = origen22.merge_tape9([overlay_tape9, base_tape9])
origen22.write_tape9(new_tape9, 'TAPE9.INP')
# Run and parse origen output
rtn = check_call(['o2_therm_linux.exe'])
tape6 = origen22.parse_tape6('TAPE6.OUT')
print "H2 Concentration: ", h2_concentration
# Clean up
import os
for f in os.listdir('.'):
if (f.endswith('.INP') or f.endswith('.OUT')) and f != 'BASE_TAPE9.INP':
# Try to plot the results
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
except ImportError:
raise SystemExit
import numpy as np
plt.plot((1.0 + np.arange(11)*0.1)*base_h1_xs, h2_concentration, 'k-', label='H2')
plt.xlabel('H1 capture cross section [barns]')
plt.ylabel('H2 concentration [grams]')
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