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// Implements basic nuclear data functions.
#ifndef _PYNE_DATA_
#define _PYNE_DATA_
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <exception>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "hdf5.h"
#include "h5wrap.h"
#include "extra_types.h"
#include "pyne.h"
#include "nucname.h"
namespace pyne
extern std::string NUC_DATA_PATH;
/*** atomic_mass Functions ***/
extern std::map<int, double> atomic_mass_map;
typedef struct atomic_weight_struct {
char nuc_name[6];
int nuc_zz;
double mass;
double error;
double abund;
} atomic_weight_struct;
void _load_atomic_mass_map();
double atomic_mass(int);
double atomic_mass(char *);
double atomic_mass(std::string);
/*** scattering length functions ***/
extern std::map<int, extra_types::complex_t> b_coherent_map;
extern std::map<int, extra_types::complex_t> b_incoherent_map;
extern std::map<int, double> b_map;
typedef struct scattering_lengths_struct {
char nuc_name[6];
int nuc_zz;
extra_types::complex_t b_coherent;
extra_types::complex_t b_incoherent;
double xs_coherent;
double xs_incoherent;
double xs;
} scattering_lengths_struct;
void _load_scattering_lengths();
extra_types::complex_t b_coherent(int);
extra_types::complex_t b_coherent(char *);
extra_types::complex_t b_coherent(std::string);
extra_types::complex_t b_incoherent(int);
extra_types::complex_t b_incoherent(char *);
extra_types::complex_t b_incoherent(std::string);
double b(int);
double b(char *);
double b(std::string);
/*** decay data functions ***/
extern std::map<int, double> half_life_map;
extern std::map<int, double> decay_const_map;
typedef struct atomic_decay_struct {
char from_nuc_name[6];
int from_nuc_zz;
double level;
char to_nuc_name[6];
int to_nuc_zz;
double half_life;
double decay_const;
double branch_ratio;
} atomic_decay_struct;
void _load_atomic_decay();
double half_life(int);
double half_life(char *);
double half_life(std::string);
double decay_const(int);
double decay_const(char *);
double decay_const(std::string);
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