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pypcap - python libpcap module, forked from


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Python PCAP module

Attention this project is currently unmaintained. If you would like to help with maitaining it please reach out (see: #106)!

travis Read the Docs

This is a simplified object-oriented Python wrapper for libpcap - the current version, and the WinPcap port for Windows.

Example use #1:

>>> import pcap
>>> sniffer = pcap.pcap(name=None, promisc=True, immediate=True, timeout_ms=50)
>>> addr = lambda pkt, offset: '.'.join(str(ord(pkt[i])) for i in range(offset, offset + 4))
>>> for ts, pkt in sniffer:
...     print('%d\tSRC %-16s\tDST %-16s' % (ts, addr(pkt, sniffer.dloff + 12), addr(pkt, sniffer.dloff + 16)))

Example use #2:

Listing Interfaces

>>> import pcap
>>> print ("Interfaces:\n" + '\n'.join(pcap.findalldevs()))

Windows notes

WinPcap has compatibility issues with Windows 10, therefore it's recommended to use Npcap (Nmap's packet sniffing library for Windows, based on the WinPcap/Libpcap libraries, but with improved speed, portability, security, and efficiency). Please enable WinPcap API-compatible mode during the library installation.


This package requires:

  • libpcap-dev
  • python-dev

To install run:

pip install pypcap

Installation from sources

Please clone the sources and run:

python install

Note for Windows users: Please download the Npcap SDK, unpack the archive and put it into the sibling directory as wpdpack ( will discover it).

Sample procedure in PowerShell:

cd ..
wget -usebasicparsing -outfile
Expand-Archive -LiteralPath
mv npcap-sdk-0.1\npcap-sdk-0.1 wpdpack
cd pypcap
python install


Visit for help!

Development notes

Regenerating C code

The project uses Cython to generate the C code, it's recommended to install it from sources:

To regenerate code please use:

cython pcap.pyx

Building docs

To build docs you need the following additional dependencies:

pip install sphinx mock sphinxcontrib.napoleon

Please use build_sphinx task to regenerate the docs:

python build_sphinx