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@konstin konstin released this Mar 28, 2019 · 43 commits to master since this release


  • Currently, #341 causes cargo test to fail with weird linking errors when the extension-module feature is activated. For now you can work around this by making the extension-module feature optional and running the tests with cargo test --no-default-features:
version = "0.6.0"

extension-module = ["pyo3/extension-module"]
default = ["extension-module"]


  • Added a wrap_pymodule! macro similar to the existing wrap_pyfunction! macro. Only available on python 3
  • Added support for cross compiling (e.g. to arm v7) by mtp401 in #327. See the "Cross Compiling" section in the "Building and Distribution" chapter of the guide for more details.
  • The PyRef and PyRefMut types, which allow to differentiate between an instance of a rust struct on the rust heap and an instance that is embedded inside a python object. By kngwyu in #335
  • Added FromPy<T> and IntoPy<T> which are equivalent to From<T> and Into<T> except that they require a gil token.
  • Added ManagedPyRef, which should eventually replace ToBorrowedObject.


  • Renamed PyObjectRef to PyAny in #388
  • Renamed add_function to add_wrapped as it now also supports modules.
  • Renamed #[pymodinit] to #[pymodule]
  • py.init(|| value) becomes Py::new(value)
  • py.init_ref(|| value) becomes PyRef::new(value)
  • py.init_mut(|| value) becomes PyRefMut::new(value).
  • PyRawObject::init is now infallible, e.g. it returns () instead of PyResult<()>.
  • Renamed py_exception! to create_exception! and refactored the error macros.
  • Renamed wrap_function! to wrap_pyfunction!
  • Renamed #[prop(get, set)] to #[pyo3(get, set)]
  • #[pyfunction] now supports the same arguments as #[pyfn()]
  • Some macros now emit proper spanned errors instead of panics.
  • Migrated to the 2018 edition
  • crate::types::exceptions moved to crate::exceptions
  • Replace IntoPyTuple with IntoPy<Py<PyTuple>>.
  • IntoPyPointer and ToPyPointer moved into the crate root.
  • class::CompareOp moved into class::basic::CompareOp
  • PyTypeObject is now a direct subtrait PyTypeCreate, removing the old cyclical implementation in #350
  • Add PyList::{sort, reverse} by chr1sj0nes in #357 and #358
  • Renamed the typeob module to type_object


  • PyToken was removed due to unsoundness (See #94).
  • Removed the unnecessary type parameter from PyObjectAlloc
  • NoArgs. Just use an empty tuple
  • PyObjectWithGIL. PyNativeType is sufficient now that PyToken is removed.


  • A soudness hole where every instances of a #[pyclass] struct was considered to be part of a python object, even though you can create instances that are not part of the python heap. This was fixed through PyRef and PyRefMut.
  • Fix kwargs support in #328.
  • Add full support for __dict__ in #403.
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@konstin konstin released this Jan 4, 2019 · 281 commits to master since this release


  • Fix memory leak in ArrayList by kngwyu #316
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@konstin konstin released this Nov 25, 2018 · 281 commits to master since this release


  • Fix undeterministic segfaults when creating many objects by kngwyu in #281
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@konstin konstin released this Nov 24, 2018 · 258 commits to master since this release


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