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PyOfWave Client

PyOfWave Client is the major web-based Wave UI for Wave Providers to embed in their site. It follows guidelines of GNOME, Apple, and Edwarde Tufte to create a user friendly UI through User Centered Design, with full keyboard accessibility.

It builds upon a custom engine (an XML builder, data access, & bindings system) which transforms our XML between our Model, View, & Controller and aims to:

  • Be User Friendly :-|)
  • Keyboard Accessible
  • Small footprint
  • Cross browser
  • i18n-ized
  • Embeddable and themable

Underlaying Technologies

  • Strophe.js
  • jQuery
  • RepoTheWeb
  • Knockout.js (finally found a framework which seems to support what I want to do)

jQuery contrib:

  • jsTree
  • Farbtastic
  • jQueryUI


PyOfWave client is compiled using Require.js/Almond.js with help from the i18n and text extensions.

To compile, run the following command from the src directory:

node ../lib/r.js -o name=../lib/almond include=index out=../build/pow.min.js baseUrl=.
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