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Pyomeca tutorials and teaching materials
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Pyomeca tutorials

This repository contains some tutorials on the pyomeca python library and some tips to make effective computations in Biomechanics.

How to Use this repo

  • By running the code using the Jupyter notebooks available in this repository's notebooks directory.
  • By launching executable versions of these notebooks using binder: Binder
  • By reading the online (non-executable) version of the notebooks using nbviewer: Nbviewer


See index.ipynb for an index of the notebooks available to accompany the text.


The packages we used to run the code in these tutorials are listed in environment.yml.

To create a stand-alone environment named tutorials with Python 3 and all the required package versions, run the following in the current directory:

$ conda env create

You can read more about using conda environments in the Managing Environments section of the conda documentation.

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