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Pyotek presents...

Open Argon Logo

Argon is a chemical element with the symbol Ar and atomic number 18. It is in group 18 of the periodic table and is a noble gas. Argon is the third-most abundant gas in the Earth's atmosphere, at 0.934%. Source: Wikipedia


No, really - this repository is about providing an alternative code base for your Argon One Raspberry Pi case. Read about the origin story and motivation behind this project here!

⚠️ This project is in an early stage. Beta testers wanted! Feel free to open an issue if you encounter a bug.


  • Fancy CLI made with click
  • Simple configuration via INI-file:
    • Fan profiles to configure the temperature curve
    • Button profiles to configure button events and their actions
  • Let the doctor command check for working hard- and software
  • Configurable power mode
  • No root privileges needed for simple commands via pipx
  • Simple installation routine from source
  • Maintainable code base with Open Source community potential

Plus all the features of the proprietary script.

Quick Start

Installing from source is simple and recommended, as it also brings the advantage of using git transparently for further upgrades.

Invoke the following commands the pi user (root is not supported):

cd ~
git clone
cd open-argon
less # OPTIONAL: It's recommended to check the source before executing anything

After a sudo reboot, it is a good time to test everything: Try the argon doctor command.

Then, configure with argon config. Get more commands and help with argon --help.

All of these commands work with normal user privileges, no need to be root (tested on the latest Pi OS), only the daemon which is controlled via systemd usually needs superuser privileges.


The default settings are the vendor's settings for legacy purposes, see also: Waveshare Wiki.

Configuring them is just an argon config call away!

Fan Settings

CPU Temp Fan Speed
55°C 10%
60°C 55%
65°C 100%

Configurable with a simple mapping within a Fan:Profile section, e.g. 55 = 10 represents the first row of the table.

Fan:Vendor is the default fan_profile setting, but the Fan:Silent is recommended as it reacts fast enough to cool while still keeping your case silent enough.

Button Settings

The stock configuration from the producer is as follows:

Button Input Function Software Control
Hold < 3s None ✗ (filtered by MCU)
Hold >=3s Safe Shutdown ?
Hold >=5s Hard Shutdown ✗ (triggered by MCU)
Push 2x Reboot

Holding less than 3s does not trigger anything. This is (seemingly) filtered on the hardware side the MCU on the case's mainboard itself.

The above above configuration is not chosen very well, because 2 seconds difference between a safe and a hard shutdown is not really safe.

⚠️ Additionally, there is an open issue which still needs to be investigated!

For the above reason, we provide the following Button:Better profile:

Button Input Keyword Action
Hold >=3s long sudo shutdown -h now
Push 2x double sudo shutdown -h now
Push >= 4x many sudo reboot

Note that Open Argon has the ability to detect more than 4 subsequent pushes (many) in contrary to the official script. This way, you do not rely on the 3s long timing. Relying on simple counting is probably safer than counting seconds with your inner clock - and you probably do not want to get your stopwatch out, either.


Test your assembly by running argon doctor.

The following images might help to see if there is something wrong on the hardware side (they all link to

Hardware Overview

Quick Assembly


Fan Assembly


Fan Upgrade

Martin Rowan exchanged the fan to make it more silent.

IR-Receiver and Sender

This is still pretty undocumented, but the mainboard has the possibility to solder an IR-receiver and sender (e.g. very useful for Kodi or Home Automation).

If there is enough interest, Pyotek will invest some time to figure out how to enable this functionality most easily.