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Target System Configurations for using with Eclipse PTP and supercomputers with Parallelnavi job scheduling system.
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PJM Batch.xml

Target System Configurations

TSCs for using with Eclipse PTP and "K", FX10 and other supercomputers with Fujitsu "Parallelnavi" job scheduling system.

For instructions on using Eclipse PTP with K and FX10 computers see manual.pdf.

Refer to for more information on Eclipse PTP and TAU for K and FX10 computers.

Installation procedure.

  1. In Eclipse PTP create targetConfigurations project:
  2. Import.. / Target System Configurations / Target Configurations from plugin
  3. Select any TSC
  4. In terminal:
  5. cd to targetConfigurations project folder.
  6. rm .* *
  7. git clone
  8. cd EclipsePTP_PJM_TSC
  9. ./
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