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Prerelease upgrade for the exact same series should not require --pre flag #1585

techtonik opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Going from 1.0a1 to 1.0a2 should not require --pre flag.

Python Packaging Authority member

I have mixed feelings about this. Thoughts @pypa/pip-developers ?

Python Packaging Authority member

I can see the logic, but I'm nervous about it becoming hard to document clearly when you do and don't need --pre. Presumably, for example, 1.0a1 -> 1.1a2 should still need --pre. What about dev releases (or dev releases of pre releases)? I don't even know what --pre does with dev at the moment.

Python Packaging Authority member

So I'm going to close this. I can see the logic behind it but ultimately I think it's going to end up with us becoming too clever and the rules for when and when a prerelease version is installed becoming hard to explain.

@dstufft dstufft closed this
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