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Pip should return 'error' upon failed installation attemps #21

vbabiy opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Currently, if 'Pip install somepackage' fails because somepackage is non-existent or does not download completely etc, pip emits some error messages, but does not set the return code to non-zero.

'Pip' or 'Pip install' set the return code to 2.

This behaviour makes it unnecessarily difficult to check pip install results, for instance in bash scripts for automatic package installation.


A similar issue was reported in #214.

A good first step may be to review the exit codes of all commands and document
them. Once the exit codes are documented people can easily help
normalize/improve them.


Original Comment By: Kelsey Hightower

+1 for this. if a pip install fails it could fry my build.

Original Comment By: ghostrocket

+1 .. ran into this .. lost significant time before I realized what was going on

>pip --version
pip 1.1

seems to be fixed:

> pip install django-formadmin3 ; echo $?

If e.g. the PIP_DOWNLOAD_CACHE is write-protected:

> pip install wsgi-oauth2; echo $?
[snipped stacktrace]



This seems to be fixed at some point.

@dstufft dstufft closed this
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