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pip install numpy fails in Python 3; partly fixable in numpy, but there are issues on pip's end as well #325

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For several weeks now there's been an issue open for numpy that it can't be pip installed in Python 3: (the original ticket specifies that this happens when installing in a virtualenv, but I think it applies to a normal site install too).

To summarize: numpy does some slightly unusual (but probably necessary) things for its Python 3 build, that leads to some incompatibility with pip. In particular, when pip runs the egg_info command it messes with the module's __file__ in ways that numpy doesn't expect. I added a patch to numpy's that works around that particular issue fine, but there's another problem:

When numpy's is run, even with the egg_info command, it runs some gcc calls to test for availability of certain features. Some of these can cause error messages from gcc that contain non-ASCII characters. Normally this is not a problem, but since pip is calling the with subprocess.Popen, it replaces stdout with an ASCII-only pipe (which is a bug in Python: This leads to a UnicodeError from pip.

I'm not sure what the workaround is for issue6135, but it should probably be addressed on pip's end.


Closing this as dupe of #326, since more discussion has happened there. Thanks for the report!

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