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--user is ignored when used with --upgrade or --ignore-installed #354

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Originally reported as #353.


Just wanted to inquire if there was any progress on this issue. I'm often in situation where i want to shadow a package installed in the system folder (where i don't have admin privileges) with a newer version in my user folder. Unfortunately, because of this, i'm unable to use pip to manage those packages.

Sorry to make this kind of inquiry. I'd love to help but i know next to nothing about python packaging tools.

thanks for an otherwise excellent tool!


Hi @dieterv - unfortunately I'm quite short on time to work on pip, and this issue is not high on my personal priority list as I don't use --user. I would happily accept a pull request that fixes this issue, whether from you or from someone else who has an interest in seeing it fixed.


Has this been fixed by #705?

Python Packaging Authority member

partly fixed by #705, but still issues with --user/--ignore-installed. open #749 specifically for that.

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