page-retrieval code slowdown? #38

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I haven't confirmed this, but it looks like the page retrieval code ( may be causing most installations to take longer than necessary. Specifically, , no good results are retrieved until all results (including 404s, etc.) are explored.


For an example, try

pip install nose

and then

pip install --no-index -f


Earlier today, was down, which caused normal
installation to time out, even though the link in the example above is at the
top of the pypi index, and works just fine

Original Comment By: Dave Abrahams

For any package in pypi, the above workaround (--no-index) works. Note that if
you are installing virtualenvwrapper (for instance), you should replace
/n/nose/ nose with /v/virtualenvwrapper/ virtualenvwrapper ... that is, the
first letter (case sensitive) is the directory name.

Original Comment By: Anonymous
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