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vbabiy commented Mar 15, 2011

If Python packages are to use pip in their docs, they need to be able to point newbies at a page to bootstrap the whole process.

As it is, the best hint at instructions is in the second paragraph of the eighth section of the docs, and that references a non-existent (bug). It's not clear whether easy_install or distribute are required. It's not clear whether root privileges are required.

This doesn't need to be in the docs inline, it could be a blog post that the docs reference. I'd suggest that the three common use cases are: global package install, virtual env with fixed-version eggs, virtual env with dynamic-version eggs. So those should be made as easy as possible.

vbabiy commented Mar 15, 2011

I'll be happy to work on this one over the next week or two. It's an itch I
would like to scratch.

As part of figuring this out, I tried a bare python install on a bare Windows
XP. When I tried to install pip, I got:

C:\Documents and Settings\terrel\pip-0.7.1>python install

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "", line 9, in

from setuptools import setup

ImportError: No module named setuptools

I thought we were replacing setuptools.

Original Comment By: Terrel Shumway
vbabiy commented Mar 15, 2011

I've made an attempt at a simple bootstrap script:

Original Comment By: Patrick Dubroy
vbabiy commented Mar 15, 2011

I've also submitted some changes to the docs that hopefully make it easier for
a beginner to figure out how to install pip:

Original Comment By: Patrick Dubroy

Introducing what pip is by saying "it's a replacement for easy_install" really isn't a good start. What's easy_install? :-)

For the absolutely noob, the docs must start with "install pip by doing this ..." and then pointing to your getpip script, which is a great idea! (though using ez_setup to install easy_install and then install pip is a bit of a strange process :-)

audreyr commented Apr 8, 2011

Part of the confusion comes from the instructions being a conflict with this part of the virtualenv docs:


  • "You can install it with easy_install virtualenv, or from the git repository or from a tarball easy_install virtualenv==dev."
  • "A new virtualenv also includes the pip installer, so you can use ENV/bin/pip` to install additional packages into the environment."


$ curl -O
$ python my_new_env
$ . my_new_env/bin/activate
(my_new_env)$ pip install ...
pnasrat commented May 1, 2011

Closed #222 as duplicate @pdubroy has offered to improve some of the documentation some more.

Maybe pulling up Supported Python versions from how-to-contribute.txt to the front page as well as addressing some of the concerns here.

qwcode commented Jan 19, 2013

I think our installation instructions are sufficient at this pt.

@qwcode qwcode closed this Jan 19, 2013
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