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Easy_install offers the --allow-hosts which blocks any call on a server that's now whitelisted.

very handy to cut all the link following, when you have a pypi mirror and don't want pip to hit the net.


carljm commented Aug 6, 2012

Yes, this would be a useful addition.

qwcode commented Aug 10, 2012

"when you have a pypi mirror and don't want pip to hit the net."

hey, just curious, what's the scenario where pip hits the net with --index-url pointing to your local mirror?
e.g., I'm familiar with the z3c mirror, and that seems to clean away all non-local links for me.
from external "dependency_links" in or what?

carljm commented Aug 10, 2012

External dependency_links in, or just link-scraping - if you have an actual pypi mirror it will still contain links to external sites for many packages.

pnasrat commented Aug 10, 2012

Do we also want --deny-hosts for symmetry cf tcp wrappers.


It is very useful in China, where and many other sites are blocked by GFW. By add allow_hosts configuration to ~/.pydistutils.cfg, easy_install will ignore blocked sites to reduce download time, instead stupid wait for time out.



dstufft commented Jun 5, 2013

This is more or less going to be implemented differently shortly. Hopefully in time for the 1.4 release.

dstufft commented Jun 11, 2013

The primary driver behind this request has been fixed. It was not fixed in the way specified in the ticket, but I believe the way it's fixed is a much more user friendly and safe method of doing so.

@dstufft dstufft closed this Jun 11, 2013
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