Changes for PEP439: Inclusion of pip bootstrap in Python installation #863

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qwcode commented Mar 25, 2013

PEP439 would like to include a pip bootstrap in the standard python installation.

the tentative goal is by python 3.4

see the conversations on distutils-sig:

todos for pip itself:

  • vendorize pkg_resources (or use distlib to replace pkg_resources #909) , so that installing wheels does not require Setuptools or Distribute
  • have pip self-install Setuptools from wheel (and not depend on it before that) when it encounters source archives with <2.0 metadata

open questions:

  • add some support for egg installs?

qwcode commented Jul 19, 2013

PEP439 is being rejected. awaiting for new PEP to solidify

thedrow commented Jul 19, 2013

Why is it being rejected?


dstufft commented Jul 19, 2013

The discussion on distutils-sig came to the general consensus that implicitly installing pip (and possibly setuptools) just because the user attempted to run pip is too magical and too prone to breaking.

There is still a desire to have a solution for making pip easier to get. There are a number of solutions on the table from pre-installing pip at install time or creation of installer time, to providing a command in side of Python to fetch and install pip.

@qwcode qwcode closed this Aug 8, 2013

thedrow commented Aug 9, 2013

Almost every other echosystem ships with a package manager so what's the big deal? You'll need setuptools installed.

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