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I don't know if there's a better way to do this, but I'm continuing where @dstufft left off over in #453.

I've tried to address the concerns raised in the original (hardcoded paths and other test issues).

I'm a little puzzled as to why the tests failed so spectacularly in python 3, but I started with replacing the iteritems() and the errors all seemed to go away. Here's a Travis CI build:!/tgecho/pip/builds/1061109

The two test failures in 2.7/3.1/3.2 are for bundling, but I can't quite wrap my head around them yet. If someone with a better clue about pip internals could take a stab we'd be grateful.

There's another error in test_editable_git_upgrade in 2.5/2.6 that I'm not sure is related, but I'm looking at that. I'll also try to get a test on 2.4.

@carljm carljm commented on the diff Apr 16, 2012
@@ -12,5 +12,6 @@ notifications:
- develop
+ - feature/record-download-info
carljm Apr 16, 2012

this addition should not be part of the pull request


Don't worry about Python 2.4 testing, we've bumped the minimum supported version to 2.5 for the next pip release.


I'm seeing the two bundle failures as well (and not seeing them in develop branch), I'll try to take a look soon and see if I can figure out what's going on with those.


Hmm I'm pretty sure I've seen those failures with the tests cache sporadically when running locally - it's possible we have a non-hermetic test which doesn't clean up after itself and this CL changes the ordering causing the failure.


@dstufft , this is fairly old. still important? if it is, can you explain what scenario is for this? I guess just to fill in the history of how that package got there? something more to give people in pip show?

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I'm going to close this, the use case I had in mind is one I no longer thing is actually a good idea.

@dstufft dstufft closed this Sep 10, 2014
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