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Basic Authentication #786

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Paul Nasrat Marcus Smith

When you use a private, password protected, repository you can use "--index-url" on the command line to access it.

Anyway this is not suitable when you are using a Continuos Integration engine (Buildbot) because the credentials are clearly available in the log.

Usually, when you have a private repository, you store your credentials in the .pypirc file to allow you to upload the packages
This patch use the credentials in the .pypirc to load the HTTPPasswordMgrWithDefaultRealm used by the UrlOpener.
Also remove the FIXME about the 401 error handling.
It's very simple, only one file and few lines of code, but IMHO required to use pip with password protected repositories

Paul Nasrat

Thanks for the pull request - this needs tests for both the happy and sad path.

great, I'll come back when ready

saxix closed this February 07, 2013
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Marcus Smith qwcode merged commit 188ac20 into from March 11, 2013
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saxix commented March 12, 2013

I was working on the merging with the ssl code, is there any interest on this pull request?

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