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Failed to install from SVN with caret character ^ in the path. #3307

ivan-alles opened this issue Nov 26, 2018 · 10 comments · Fixed by #3320

Failed to install from SVN with caret character ^ in the path. #3307

ivan-alles opened this issue Nov 26, 2018 · 10 comments · Fixed by #3320


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@ivan-alles ivan-alles commented Nov 26, 2018

Issue description

For investigating of this problem I created a public SVN repository. It contains a ^ character in the path:^testuuu-first-space/test_pyenv/trunk/test_package_1

I tried to install a package from it using pipenv:

pipenv install -e svn+^testuuu-first-space/test_pyenv/trunk/test_package_1#egg=test-package1

This fails because the pipenv misses the ^ character (see below).

Expected result

The package should be installed. It works with pip, if I quote the path:
pip install -e "svn+^testuuu-first-space/test_pyenv/trunk/test_package_1#egg=test-package1"

Quoting does not help with pipenv.

Actual result

c:\Python36\Scripts\pipenv --verbose install -e svn+https://eu-subversion.assemb^testuuu-first-space/test_pyenv/trunk/test_package_1#egg=test-package1
Installing -e svn+…
[    ] Installing...Installing 'test-package1'
$ ['C:\\Users\\ivan\\.virtualenvs\\test_pipenv-4FKtD8uM\\Scripts\\pip.exe', 'install', '--src', 'C:\\Users\\ivan\\.virtualenvs\\test_pipenv-4FKtD8uM\\src', '--v
erbose', '--upgrade', '-e', 'svn+', '-i', 'ht
Adding test-package1 to Pipfile's [packages]…
Installation Succeeded
Pipfile.lock (c58142) out of date, updating to (6c5ddb)…
Locking [dev-packages] dependencies…
Locking [packages] dependencies…
[    ] Pinning VCS Packages...INFO:pipenv.patched.notpip._internal.vcs.subversion:Checking out
/test_pyenv/trunk/test_package_1 to c:\users\ivan\appdata\local\temp\requirementslibqlbhaoiy\test-package1
[=   ] Pinning VCS Packages...svn: E170013: Unable to connect to a repository at URL '
svn: E175009: The XML response contains invalid XML
svn: E130003: Malformed XML: no element found
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "c:\Python36\Scripts\", line 11, in <module>
    load_entry_point('pipenv', 'console_scripts', 'pipenv')()
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\vendor\click\", line 764, in __call__
    return self.main(*args, **kwargs)
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\vendor\click\", line 717, in main
    rv = self.invoke(ctx)
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\vendor\click\", line 1137, in invoke
    return _process_result(sub_ctx.command.invoke(sub_ctx))
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\vendor\click\", line 956, in invoke
    return ctx.invoke(self.callback, **ctx.params)
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\vendor\click\", line 555, in invoke
    return callback(*args, **kwargs)
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\vendor\click\", line 64, in new_func
    return ctx.invoke(f, obj, *args, **kwargs)
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\vendor\click\", line 555, in invoke
    return callback(*args, **kwargs)
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\vendor\click\", line 17, in new_func
    return f(get_current_context(), *args, **kwargs)
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\cli\", line 250, in install
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\", line 2005, in do_install
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\", line 1214, in do_init
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\", line 1061, in do_lock
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\", line 612, in venv_resolve_deps
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\", line 1294, in get_vcs_deps
    with locked_repository(requirement) as repo:
  File "c:\python36\lib\", line 81, in __enter__
    return next(self.gen)
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\", line 1430, in locked_repository
    with requirement.req.locked_vcs_repo(src_dir=src_dir) as repo:
  File "c:\python36\lib\", line 81, in __enter__
    return next(self.gen)
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\vendor\requirementslib\models\", line 840, in locked_vcs_repo
    vcsrepo = self.get_vcs_repo(src_dir=src_dir)
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\vendor\requirementslib\models\", line 802, in get_vcs_repo
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\vendor\requirementslib\models\", line 37, in obtain
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\patched\notpip\_internal\vcs\", line 332, in obtain
    self.fetch_new(dest, url, rev_options)
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\patched\notpip\_internal\vcs\", line 54, in fetch_new
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\patched\notpip\_internal\vcs\", line 456, in run_command
  File "c:\python36\scripts\src\pipenv\pipenv\patched\notpip\_internal\utils\", line 705, in call_subprocess
    % (command_desc, proc.returncode, cwd))
pipenv.patched.notpip._internal.exceptions.InstallationError: Command "svn checkout -q
env/trunk/test_package_1 C:\Users\ivan\AppData\Local\Temp\requirementslibqlbhaoiy\test-package1" failed with error code 1 in None

The ^ charachter is missing in the path pipenv is trying to check out.

Steps to replicate

See actual result.

Provide the steps to replicate (which usually at least includes the commands and the Pipfile).

$ pipenv --support

Pipenv version: '2018.11.15.dev0'

Pipenv location: 'c:\\python36\\scripts\\src\\pipenv\\pipenv'

Python location: 'c:\\python36\\python.exe'

Python installations found:

  • 5.2.0: C:\Anaconda3-5.2.0-64\python.exe
  • 4.2.0: C:\Anaconda3-4.2.0-64\python.exe
  • 4.1.1: C:\Anaconda3-4.1.1-64\python.exe
  • 3.6.6: C:\Python36\python.exe
  • 3.5: d:\Anaconda3\Scripts\python.exe
  • 2.7: d:\Program Files\Anaconda2\Scripts\python.exe

PEP 508 Information:

{'implementation_name': 'cpython',
 'implementation_version': '3.6.6',
 'os_name': 'nt',
 'platform_machine': 'AMD64',
 'platform_python_implementation': 'CPython',
 'platform_release': '7',
 'platform_system': 'Windows',
 'platform_version': '6.1.7601',
 'python_full_version': '3.6.6',
 'python_version': '3.6',
 'sys_platform': 'win32'}

System environment variables:

  • CUDA_PATH_V7_5
  • CUDA_PATH_V8_0
  • CUDA_PATH_V9_0
  • CUDA_PATH_V9_1
  • LANG
  • OS
  • PATH
  • PROGRAMW6432
  • TEMP
  • TMP

Pipenvûspecific environment variables:


Debugûspecific environment variables:

  • PATH: C:\Users\ivan\.virtualenvs\test_pipenv-4FKtD8uM\Scripts;C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intel\Shared Libraries\redist\intel64\compiler;C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA\v9.0\bin;C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA\v9.0\libnvvp;C:\Program Files\ImageMagick-7.0.7-Q16;C:\Program Files (x86)\SICK\3D Cameras\icon\lib;C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath;D:\Program Files\Microsoft MPI\Bin\;C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.5\bin;C:\Windows\system32;C:\Windows;C:\Windows\System32\Wbem;C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX\Common;C:\Program Files\Intel\WiFi\bin\;C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intel\WirelessCommon\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.1\Windows Performance Toolkit\;C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Tools\Binn\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\TypeScript\1.0\;C:\Program Files\SlikSvn\bin;C:\Program Files\WinRAR;C:\Program Files (x86)\Araxis\Araxis Merge 2001 Professional;D:\tools;C:\Program Files (x86)\DATEV\SiPacompact;C:\Program Files (x86)\CMake\bin;d:\Program Files\MVTec\HALCON-13.0\bin\x64-win64;D:\Program Files (x86)\Graphviz2.38\bin;D:\Program Files\OpenNI2\Redist;C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Pleora\eBUS SDK;C:\Program Files\Common Files\Pleora\eBUS SDK;C:\Program Files (x86)\SICK\EasyRanger\;C:\Program Files\Git\cmd;D:\tools\TortoiseSVN\bin;D:\lib\NVIDIA\cudnn-9.0-windows7-x64-v7\bin;D:\Program Files\MVTec\HALCON-13.0\bin\x64-win64;C:\Program Files\Intel\WiFi\bin\;C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intel\WirelessCommon\;C:\Users\ivan\AppData\Local\GitHubDesktop\bin;C:\Users\ivan\AppData\Local\Programs\Microsoft VS Code\bin
  • LANG: en_US
  • VIRTUAL_ENV: C:\Users\ivan\.virtualenvs\test_pipenv-4FKtD8uM

Contents of Pipfile ('D:\ivan\dev\sandbox\test_pyenv\test_pyenv_wf\test_pipenv\Pipfile'):

name = "pypi"
url = ""
verify_ssl = true


test-package1 = {editable = true,svn = ""}
rbose = {editable = true,version = "*"}

python_version = "3.6"

Contents of Pipfile.lock ('D:\ivan\dev\sandbox\test_pyenv\test_pyenv_wf\test_pipenv\Pipfile.lock'):

    "_meta": {
        "hash": {
            "sha256": "b59210558139e4cbe83b9a066e242b2ae504a68377c334c9cfccd1d86c6c5ddb"
        "pipfile-spec": 6,
        "requires": {
            "python_version": "3.6"
        "sources": [
                "name": "pypi",
                "url": "",
                "verify_ssl": true
    "default": {
        "numpy": {
            "hashes": [
            "version": "==1.15.4"
        "test-package1": {
            "editable": true,
            "ref": 7,
            "svn": "^testuuu-first-space/test_pyenv/trunk/test_package_1"
    "develop": {}
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@techalchemy techalchemy commented Nov 26, 2018

Note that on powershell ^ is an escape character and is not a legal path character. /cc @uranusjr

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@ivan-alles ivan-alles commented Nov 26, 2018

I'm working in the windows console. And pip works. So this is probably related to pipenv.

I also tried to escape ^ with \ and `, that does not help.

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@techalchemy techalchemy commented Nov 26, 2018

Note that the character was also missing from the path pip attempted to check out earlier in the command. I’m fairly confident the failure relates to with passing escape characters around, but then again I don’t have an svn server to test against so maybe you can find out if this works without the special characters?

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@techalchemy techalchemy commented Nov 26, 2018

That is to say yes, still a bug in pipenv because obviously if pip handles it when you run pip install -e blah and pipenv doesn’t we should fix it

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@ivan-alles ivan-alles commented Nov 26, 2018

Actually I created this repo as a testbed for another bug. Unfortunately I cannot create repos without ^ (this is a temporary new workaround in as I was told). You can use this repo for tests, it is public. If you could suggest a workaround for ^, I would go straight to the more important problem.

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@techalchemy techalchemy commented Nov 27, 2018

[pipenv.exceptions.InstallError]: ['Obtaining test-package1 from svn+', '  Checking out (to revision 8) to c:\\users\\dan.ryan\\.virtualenvs\\tmp-c5yu54up\\src\\test-package1', "svn: E170013: Unable to connect to a repository at URL ''", "svn: E175003: The server at 'https://eu-subversio' does not support the HTTP/DAV protocol"]
[pipenv.exceptions.InstallError]: ['Command "svn checkout -q -r 8 C:\\Users\\Dan.Ryan\\.virtualenvs\\tmp-c5yu54up\\src\\test-package1" failed with error code 1 in None']

This is the error I get, I simply ran the command you provided from the command line in windows. It works fine with a normal SVN client on *nix but I installed tortoise on windows and it seems to be broken with this combo...

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@ivan-alles ivan-alles commented Nov 27, 2018

Well, the path is used to exit repository (as shown in the error log) does not exist, so maybe that caused the problem. Can you try pip?

pip install -e "svn+^testuuu-first-space/test_pyenv/trunk/test_package_1#egg=test-package1"

@uranusjr uranusjr changed the title Failed to install form SVN with caret character ^ in the path. Failed to install from SVN with caret character ^ in the path. Nov 27, 2018
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@uranusjr uranusjr commented Nov 27, 2018

I think caret escape on Windows is by doubling it, i.e. ^^. You shouldn’t need to do this, of course, so it’s still a bug.

uranusjr added a commit that referenced this issue Nov 28, 2018
Carets introduce a difficult situation since they are essentially
"lossy" when parses. Consider this in cmd.exe:

    > echo "foo^bar"
    > echo foo^^bar

The two commands produce different results, but are both parsed by the
shell as `foo^bar`, and there's essentially no sensible way to tell what
was actually passed in. This implementation assumes the quoted variation
(the first) since it is easier to implement, and arguably the more common

Fix #3307.
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@ivan-alles ivan-alles commented Nov 29, 2018

Quoting does not work with pipenv (see initial description), it works with pip though.

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@ivan-alles ivan-alles commented Nov 29, 2018

It works with the new pipenv version 2018.11.27.dev0 (with or without qouting). Thank you!

fwojciak pushed a commit to fwojciak/pipenv that referenced this issue May 29, 2020
2020.5.28 (2020-05-28)

Features & Improvements

-   `pipenv install` and `pipenv sync` will no longer attempt to install satisfied dependencies during installation. pypa#3057, pypa#3506
-   Added support for resolution of direct-url dependencies in `` files to respect `PEP-508` style URL dependencies. pypa#3148
-   Added full support for resolution of all dependency types including direct URLs, zip archives, tarballs, etc.
    -   Improved error handling and formatting.
    -   Introduced improved cross platform stream wrappers for better `stdout` and `stderr` consistency. pypa#3298
-   For consistency with other commands and the `--dev` option description, `pipenv lock --requirements --dev` now emits both default and development dependencies. The new `--dev-only` option requests the previous behaviour (e.g. to generate a `dev-requirements.txt` file). pypa#3316
-   Pipenv will now successfully recursively lock VCS sub-dependencies. pypa#3328
-   Added support for `--verbose` output to `pipenv run`. pypa#3348
-   Pipenv will now discover and resolve the intrinsic dependencies of **all** VCS dependencies, whether they are editable or not, to prevent resolution conflicts. pypa#3368
-   Added a new environment variable, `PIPENV_RESOLVE_VCS`, to toggle dependency resolution off for non-editable VCS, file, and URL based dependencies. pypa#3577
-   Added the ability for Windows users to enable emojis by setting `PIPENV_HIDE_EMOJIS=0`. pypa#3595
-   Allow overriding `PIPENV_INSTALL_TIMEOUT` environment variable (in seconds). pypa#3652
-   Allow overriding `PIP_EXISTS_ACTION` evironment variable (value is passed to pip install). Possible values here: <> Useful when you need to `PIP\_EXISTS\_ACTION=i` (ignore existing packages) - great for CI environments, where you need really fast setup. pypa#3738
-   Pipenv will no longer forcibly override `PIP_NO_DEPS` on all vcs and file dependencies as resolution happens on these in a pre-lock step. pypa#3763
-   Improved verbose logging output during `pipenv lock` will now stream output to the console while maintaining a spinner. pypa#3810
-   Added support for automatic python installs via `asdf` and associated `PIPENV_DONT_USE_ASDF` environment variable. pypa#4018
-   Pyenv/asdf can now be used whether or not they are available on PATH. Setting `PYENV_ROOT`/`ASDF_DIR` in a `.env` file allows Pipenv to install an interpreter without any shell customizations, so long as pyenv/asdf is installed. pypa#4245
-   Added `--key` command line parameter for including personal API tokens when running `pipenv check`. pypa#4257

Behavior Changes

-   Make conservative checks of known exceptions when subprocess returns output, so user won\'t see the whole traceback - just the error. pypa#2553
-   Do not touch Pipfile early and rely on it so that one can do `pipenv sync` without a Pipfile. pypa#3386
-   Re-enable `--help` option for `pipenv run` command. pypa#3844
-   Make sure `pipenv lock -r --pypi-mirror {MIRROR_URL}` will respect the pypi-mirror in requirements output. pypa#4199

Bug Fixes

-   Raise `PipenvUsageError` when \[\[source\]\] does not contain url field. pypa#2373
-   Fixed a bug which caused editable package resolution to sometimes fail with an unhelpful setuptools-related error message. pypa#2722
-   Fixed an issue which caused errors due to reliance on the system utilities `which` and `where` which may not always exist on some
-   Fixed a bug which caused periodic failures in python discovery when executables named `python` were not present on the target `$PATH`. pypa#2783
-   Dependency resolution now writes hashes for local and remote files to the lockfile. pypa#3053
-   Fixed a bug which prevented `pipenv graph` from correctly showing all dependencies when running from within `pipenv shell`. pypa#3071
-   Fixed resolution of direct-url dependencies in `` files to respect `PEP-508` style URL dependencies. pypa#3148
-   Fixed a bug which caused failures in warning reporting when running pipenv inside a virtualenv under some circumstances.
-   Fixed a bug with package discovery when running `pipenv clean`. pypa#3298
-   Quote command arguments with carets (`^`) on Windows to work around unintended shell escapes. pypa#3307
-   Handle alternate names for UTF-8 encoding. pypa#3313
-   Abort pipenv before adding the non-exist package to Pipfile. pypa#3318
-   Don\'t normalize the package name user passes in. pypa#3324
-   Fix a bug where custom virtualenv can not be activated with pipenv shell pypa#3339
-   Fix a bug that `--site-packages` flag is not recognized. pypa#3351
-   Fix a bug where `pipenv --clear` is not working pypa#3353
-   Fix unhashable type error during `$ pipenv install --selective-upgrade` pypa#3384
-   Dependencies with direct `PEP508` compliant VCS URLs specified in their `install_requires` will now be successfully locked during the resolution process. pypa#3396
-   Fixed a keyerror which could occur when locking VCS dependencies in
    some cases. pypa#3404
-   Fixed a bug that `ValidationError` is thrown when some fields are missing in source section. pypa#3427
-   Updated the index names in lock file when source name in Pipfile is changed. pypa#3449
-   Fixed an issue which caused `pipenv install --help` to show duplicate entries for `--pre`. pypa#3479
-   Fix bug causing `[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED]` when Pipfile `[[source]]` has `verify_ssl=false` and url with custom port. pypa#3502
-   Fix `sync --sequential` ignoring `pip install` errors and logs. pypa#3537
-   Fix the issue that lock file can\'t be created when `PIPENV_PIPFILE` is not under working directory. pypa#3584
-   Pipenv will no longer inadvertently set `editable=True` on all vcs dependencies. pypa#3647
-   The `--keep-outdated` argument to `pipenv install` and `pipenv lock` will now drop specifier constraints when encountering editable dependencies.
    -   In addition, `--keep-outdated` will retain specifiers that would otherwise be dropped from any entries that have not been updated. pypa#3656
-   Fixed a bug which sometimes caused pipenv to fail to respect the `--site-packages` flag when passed with `pipenv install`. pypa#3718
-   Normalize the package names to lowercase when comparing used and in-Pipfile packages. pypa#3745
-   `pipenv update --outdated` will now correctly handle comparisons between pre/post-releases and normal releases. pypa#3766
-   Fixed a `KeyError` which could occur when pinning outdated VCS dependencies via `pipenv lock --keep-outdated`. pypa#3768
-   Resolved an issue which caused resolution to fail when encountering poorly formatted `python_version` markers in `` and `setup.cfg` files. pypa#3786
-   Fix a bug that installation errors are displayed as a list. pypa#3794
-   Update `pythonfinder` to fix a problem that `python.exe` will be mistakenly chosen for virtualenv creation under WSL. pypa#3807
-   Fixed several bugs which could prevent editable VCS dependencies from being installed into target environments, even when reporting
    successful installation. pypa#3809
-   `pipenv check --system` should find the correct Python interpreter when `python` does not exist on the system. pypa#3819
-   Resolve the symlinks when the path is absolute. pypa#3842
-   Pass `--pre` and `--clear` options to `pipenv update --outdated`. pypa#3879
-   Fixed a bug which prevented resolution of direct URL dependencies which have PEP508 style direct url VCS sub-dependencies with
    subdirectories. pypa#3976
-   Honor `PIPENV_SPINNER` environment variable pypa#4045
-   Fixed an issue with `pipenv check` failing due to an invalid API key from ``. pypa#4188
-   Fixed a bug which caused versions from VCS dependencies to be included in `Pipfile.lock` inadvertently. pypa#4217
-   Fixed a bug which caused pipenv to search non-existent virtual environments for `pip` when installing using `--system`. pypa#4220
-   `Requires-Python` values specifying constraint versions of python starting from `1.x` will now be parsed successfully. pypa#4226
-   Fix a bug of `pipenv update --outdated` that can\'t print output correctly. pypa#4229
-   Fixed a bug which caused pipenv to prefer source distributions over wheels from `PyPI` during the dependency resolution phase. Fixed an issue which prevented proper build isolation using `pep517` based builders during dependency resolution. pypa#4231
-   Don\'t fallback to system Python when no matching Python version is found. pypa#4232

Vendored Libraries

- Updated `pip_shims` to support `--outdated` with new pip versions. pypa#3766
- Update vendored dependencies and invocations
  - Update vendored and patched dependencies
  - Update patches on `piptools`, `pip`, `pip-shims`, `tomlkit`
  - Fix invocations of dependencies
  - Fix custom `InstallCommand` instantiation
  - Update `PackageFinder` usage
  - Fix `Bool` stringify attempts from `tomlkit`
  - Updated vendored dependencies:
    -   **attrs**: `18.2.0 => `19.1.0`
    -   **certifi**: `2018.10.15 => `2019.3.9`
    -   **cached\_property**: `1.4.3 => `1.5.1`
    -   **cerberus**: `1.2.0 => `1.3.1`
    -   **click**: `7.0.0 => `7.1.1`
    -   **click-completion**: `0.5.0 => `0.5.1`
    -   **colorama**: `0.3.9 => `0.4.3`
    -   **contextlib2**: `(new) => `0.6.0.post1`
    -   **distlib**: `0.2.8 => `0.2.9`
    -   **funcsigs**: `(new) => `1.0.2`
    -   **importlib\_metadata** `1.3.0 => `1.5.1`
    -   **importlib-resources**: `(new) => `1.4.0`
    -   **idna**: `2.7 => `2.9`
    -   **jinja2**: `2.10.0 => `2.11.1`
    -   **markupsafe**: `1.0 => `1.1.1`
    -   **more-itertools**: `(new) => `5.0.0`
    -   **orderedmultidict**: `(new) => `1.0`
    -   **packaging**: `18.0 => `19.0`
    -   **parse**: `1.9.0 => `1.15.0`
    -   **pathlib2**: `2.3.2 => `2.3.3`
    -   **pep517**: `(new) => `0.5.0`
    -   **pexpect**: `4.6.0 => `4.8.0`
    -   **pip-shims**: `0.2.0 => `0.5.1`
    -   **pipdeptree**: `0.13.0 => `0.13.2`
    -   **pyparsing**: `2.2.2 => `2.4.6`
    -   **python-dotenv**: `0.9.1 => `0.10.2`
    -   **pythonfinder**: `1.1.10 => `1.2.2`
    -   **pytoml**: `(new) => `0.1.20`
    -   **requests**: `2.20.1 => `2.23.0`
    -   **requirementslib**: `1.3.3 => `1.5.4`
    -   **scandir**: `1.9.0 => `1.10.0`
    -   **shellingham**: `1.2.7 => `1.3.2`
    -   **six**: `1.11.0 => `1.14.0`
    -   **tomlkit**: `0.5.2 => `0.5.11`
    -   **urllib3**: `1.24 => `1.25.8`
    -   **vistir**: `0.3.0 => `0.5.0`
    -   **yaspin**: `0.14.0 => `0.14.3`
    -   **zipp**: `0.6.0`
    - Removed vendored dependency **cursor**. pypa#4169

-   Add and update vendored dependencies to accommodate `safety` vendoring:
    -   **safety** `(none)` => `1.8.7`
    -   **dparse** `(none)` => `0.5.0`
    -   **pyyaml** `(none)` => `5.3.1`
    -   **urllib3** `1.25.8` => `1.25.9`
    -   **certifi** `2019.11.28` => `2020.4.5.1`
    -   **pyparsing** `2.4.6` => `2.4.7`
    -   **resolvelib** `0.2.2` => `0.3.0`
    -   **importlib-metadata** `1.5.1` => `1.6.0`
    -   **pip-shims** `0.5.1` => `0.5.2`
    -   **requirementslib** `1.5.5` => `1.5.6` pypa#4188

-   Updated vendored `pip` => `20.0.2` and `pip-tools` => `5.0.0`. pypa#4215
-   Updated vendored dependencies to latest versions for security and bug fixes:
    -   **requirementslib** `1.5.8` => `1.5.9`
    -   **vistir** `0.5.0` => `0.5.1`
    -   **jinja2** `2.11.1` => `2.11.2`
    -   **click** `7.1.1` => `7.1.2`
    -   **dateutil** `(none)` => `2.8.1`
    -   **backports.functools\_lru\_cache** `1.5.0` => `1.6.1`
    -   **enum34** `1.1.6` => `1.1.10`
    -   **toml** `0.10.0` => `0.10.1`
    -   **importlib\_resources** `1.4.0` => `1.5.0` pypa#4226
-   Changed attrs import path in vendored dependencies to always import from `pipenv.vendor`. pypa#4267

Improved Documentation

-   Added documenation about variable expansion in `Pipfile` entries. pypa#2317
-   Consolidate all contributing docs in the rst file pypa#3120
-   Update the out-dated manual page. pypa#3246
-   Move CLI docs to its own page. pypa#3346
-   Replace (non-existant) video on docs index.rst with equivalent gif. pypa#3499
-   Clarify wording in Basic Usage example on using double quotes to escape shell redirection pypa#3522
-   Ensure docs show navigation on small-screen devices pypa#3527
-   Added a link to the TOML Spec under General Recommendations & Version Control to clarify how Pipfiles should be written. pypa#3629
-   Updated the documentation with the new `pytest` entrypoint. pypa#3759
-   Fix link to GIF in demonstrating Pipenv\'s usage, and add descriptive alt text. pypa#3911
-   Added a line describing potential issues in fancy extension. pypa#3912
-   Documental description of how Pipfile works and association with Pipenv. pypa#3913
-   Clarify the proper value of `python_version` and `python_full_version`. pypa#3914
-   Write description for `--deploy` extension and few extensions differences. pypa#3915
-   More documentation for `.env` files pypa#4100
-   Updated documentation to point to working links. pypa#4137
-   Replace with pypa#4167
-   Added functionality to check spelling in documentation and cleaned up existing typographical issues. pypa#4209
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