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check role before deleting by digest

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ewdurbin committed Oct 12, 2017
1 parent 5278462 commit 18200fa6731faeeda2433dd1c61d04373ad8a653
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@@ -2449,8 +2449,15 @@ def files(self):
fids = [fids]

for digest in fids:
file_info =
if'Maintainer', file_info['name']) or \'Admin', file_info['name']) or \'Owner', file_info['name']):

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warvariuc Aug 30, 2018

Why not allowing passing multiple roles to has_role? Then the code would look like:

if['Maintainer', 'Admin', 'Owner'], file_info['name']):

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jamadden Aug 30, 2018


Thanks for your comment! This code is no longer developed. It has been replaced by
raise Forbidden, \
"You are not allowed to edit '%s' package information"%file_info['name']
except KeyError:
return'No such files to remove', code=200)

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