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richard committed Nov 1, 2002
0 parents commit 85d2502cce33d21787f62b1c0de95290af360b40
@@ -0,0 +1,6 @@
database = /tmp/pkgbase/db
mailhost = crown
adminemail =
url = http://localhost/cgi-bin/package_server.cgi

@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
import ConfigParser

class Config:
''' Read in the config and set up the vars with the correct type.
def __init__(self, configfile, name):
c = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()
self.database = c.get(name, 'database')
self.mailhost = c.get(name, 'mailhost')
self.adminemail = c.get(name, 'adminemail')
self.url = c.get(name, 'url')

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@@ -0,0 +1,20 @@
> the user stuff was kinda thrown in on the train this morning. had a look
> at PAUSE when I got in: mostly it's about registering users and they then
> own namespaces. I
'm not sure how the owning
> stuff will work - trove talks about it a bit. trove is also pretty thin on
> the ground in places ;)

**** A message has arrived from pluto on Thu Oct 24 17:19! ****
From: anthony [To: richard]
for trove, I'd suggest something like a trove browser (but better
than the SF one, pleeeease) that allows you to extract the data for
insertion into your
Or else, categorise it via the web, and if you post a new
register with no discriminators, tell it to leave the current one alone.

**** A message has arrived from pluto on Thu Oct 24 17:19! ****
From: anthony [To: richard]
you might also want some sort of two-stage "the following things will
be changed, do you want to proceed" thing.
@@ -0,0 +1,125 @@
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To: Richard Jones <>
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>>> Richard Jones wrote
> Title: Distutils Enhancements
> Version: $Revision$
> Last-Modified: $Date$
> Author: Richard Jones <>
> Status: Draft
> Type: Standards Track
> Content-Type: text/x-rst
> Created: 24-Oct-2002
> Python-Version: 2.3
> Post-History:
> Abstract
> ========
> This PEP proposes several extensions to the distutils packaging
> system [1]_. These enhancements include a central package index, tools
> for submitting package information to the index and extensions to the
> package metadata to include Trove [2]_ information.
Include Vaults of Parnassus in the "prior art" investigation.

> This PEP does not address either issues of package dependency, nor
> central storage of packages.

> existing (name, version) will result in an *update* operation.
> The web interface implement the following commands:
> the index view. The index will include a customisation form at the
> bottom a-la Roundup. The results will be paginated, sorted
Give a reference (web site) for this.

> **user**
> Registers a new user with the index. Requires username, password and
> email address. Passwords will be stored as SHA hashes. If the
> username exists:

Should require a confirmation email, as with mailman &c.

> Notification of changes to a package entry will be sent to all users
> who have created submitted information about the package.

What does this mean?

> discriminators = [
> 'Development Status :: 4 - Beta',
> 'Environment :: Console (Text Based)',
> 'Environment :: Web Environment',
> 'Intended Audience :: End Users/Desktop',
> 'Intended Audience :: Developers',
> 'Intended Audience :: System Administrators',
> 'License :: OSI Approved :: Python License',
> 'Operating System :: MacOS X',
> 'Operating System :: Microsoft :: Windows',
> 'Operating System :: POSIX',
> 'Programming Language :: Python',
> 'Topic :: Communications :: Email',
> 'Topic :: Office/Business',
> 'Topic :: Software Development :: Bug Tracking',

Why strings like this, rather than proper structures? e.g.

discriminators = {
'Development Status': '4 - Beta',
'Environment' : ('Console (Text Based)', 'Web Environment')
'Intended Audience' : ('End Users/Desktop', 'Developers', 'System Administrators'),

How do people know that their trove categorisation is correct (e.g.
that it doesn't have speling mistaiks?)

> The list of discriminator values on the module index has been snarfed
> from Freshmeat, without their permission.

Should check that this is ok with them.

There should be some sort of simple "check categorisation" or "update
categorisation" thing.

Who can update a package entry? ACLs? How and what can be updated
with 'register'? Only a new version? What about changing trove
categorisations, homepages, or the like? What about clashes of
names (I don't know if there are any out there, but it wouldn't
suprise me).

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