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from distutils.errors import DistutilsArgError
import inspect
import glob
import warnings
import platform
import distutils.command.install as orig
import setuptools
# Prior to numpy 1.9, NumPy relies on the '_install' name, so provide it for
# now. See
_install = orig.install
class install(orig.install):
"""Use easy_install to install the package, w/dependencies"""
user_options = orig.install.user_options + [
('old-and-unmanageable', None, "Try not to use this!"),
('single-version-externally-managed', None,
"used by system package builders to create 'flat' eggs"),
boolean_options = orig.install.boolean_options + [
'old-and-unmanageable', 'single-version-externally-managed',
new_commands = [
('install_egg_info', lambda self: True),
('install_scripts', lambda self: True),
_nc = dict(new_commands)
def initialize_options(self):
self.old_and_unmanageable = None
self.single_version_externally_managed = None
def finalize_options(self):
if self.root:
self.single_version_externally_managed = True
elif self.single_version_externally_managed:
if not self.root and not self.record:
raise DistutilsArgError(
"You must specify --record or --root when building system"
" packages"
def handle_extra_path(self):
if self.root or self.single_version_externally_managed:
# explicit backward-compatibility mode, allow extra_path to work
return orig.install.handle_extra_path(self)
# Ignore extra_path when installing an egg (or being run by another
# command without --root or --single-version-externally-managed
self.path_file = None
self.extra_dirs = ''
def run(self):
# Explicit request for old-style install? Just do it
if self.old_and_unmanageable or self.single_version_externally_managed:
if not self._called_from_setup(inspect.currentframe()):
# Run in backward-compatibility mode to support bdist_* commands.
def _called_from_setup(run_frame):
Attempt to detect whether run() was called from setup() or by another
command. If called by setup(), the parent caller will be the
'run_command' method in 'distutils.dist', and *its* caller will be
the 'run_commands' method. If called any other way, the
immediate caller *might* be 'run_command', but it won't have been
called by 'run_commands'. Return True in that case or if a call stack
is unavailable. Return False otherwise.
if run_frame is None:
msg = "Call stack not available. bdist_* commands may fail."
if platform.python_implementation() == 'IronPython':
msg = "For best results, pass -X:Frames to enable call stack."
return True
res = inspect.getouterframes(run_frame)[2]
caller, = res[:1]
info = inspect.getframeinfo(caller)
caller_module = caller.f_globals.get('__name__', '')
return (
caller_module == 'distutils.dist'
and info.function == 'run_commands'
def do_egg_install(self):
easy_install = self.distribution.get_command_class('easy_install')
cmd = easy_install(
self.distribution, args="x", root=self.root, record=self.record,
cmd.ensure_finalized() # finalize before bdist_egg munges install cmd
cmd.always_copy_from = '.' # make sure local-dir eggs get installed
# pick up setup-dir .egg files only: no .egg-info
args = [self.distribution.get_command_obj('bdist_egg').egg_output]
if setuptools.bootstrap_install_from:
# Bootstrap self-installation of setuptools
args.insert(0, setuptools.bootstrap_install_from)
cmd.args = args
setuptools.bootstrap_install_from = None
# XXX Python 3.1 doesn't see _nc if this is inside the class
install.sub_commands = (
[cmd for cmd in orig.install.sub_commands if cmd[0] not in install._nc] +
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