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8084899 @jezdez Removed old files and added a gitignore file.
jezdez authored
1 virtualenv.egg-info
2 build
3 dist
4 docs/_build
c852ec9 @vbabiy Added .DS_Store to the gitignore
vbabiy authored
5 .DS_Store
26d3d8b @vbabiy Added *.pyc to .gitignore
vbabiy authored
6 *.pyc
f5da20c @carljm Added test-dependency eggs from ' test' to gitignore.
carljm authored
7 mock-*.egg
97b52e6 @msabramo Add a tox.ini
msabramo authored
8 nose-*.egg
9 .tox
7ee4b35 @carljm Ignore actual-output file generated by shell activate test.
carljm authored
10 tests/test_activate_actual.output
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