python 2.5 not supported #372

jamescasbon opened this Issue Dec 6, 2012 · 4 comments

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@jamescasbon makes use of sys.maxsize which is not available in python 2.5


We should support 2.5 adding as release blocker


@pfmoore , @pnasrat :

sys.maxsize was added 4 months ago:
0da2c50 (by @dnozay)

we have had a few releases since adding this, should this be a release blocker?


see here:

they mention this as a cross-platform/cross-version solution for detecting 64bit

$ python-32 -c 'import struct;print( 8 * struct.calcsize("P"))'
$ python-64 -c 'import struct;print( 8 * struct.calcsize("P"))'

addressed in pull #393

@qwcode qwcode closed this Jan 30, 2013
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