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Pip won't install system-wide packages if PYTONPATH is set (Ubuntu 13.04, virtualenv-1.10.1) #548

djvine opened this Issue · 4 comments

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pip won't install packages that are installed system-wide if PYTHONPATH is set to look in those directories.

I recommend to change the activate script to unset PYTHONPATH and then deactivate should restore it.


What if someone explicitly wanted to use PYTHONPATH bring in external packages while they were in a virtualenv? This change would then break their workflow, which would currently work.


My issue is similar to this, but seems to be on kind of more problematic scale, virtualenv finds that pip and setuptools are installed universally, so when initiating a virtualenv, it doesn't create localized versions of those tools. Should it?


@simonv3 that was fixed in v1.11.1 (#521) . try the latest, and you should be ok.


@qwcode I was using v1.11.2, and that was what was causing the problem, rolling back my virtualenv to v1.10.1 seems to have made it go away.

as opposed to djvine, I'm on a OS X 10.9.1

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